Monday, 17 February 2014

By Chris Thornton

As a kid growing up, I don’t think anyone at my school would have taken odds against my having a career in the army.

I joined the army cadets in 1977, and by 1980 I was made Cadet Sgt Major at Endike barracks in Hull. I captained Humberside and North East England army cadets at rugby sevens, colts canter, Humberside orienteering and shooting teams, anything to do with sport.

After leaving school I took on a YTS whilst I passed my written test at the army recruitment office in Hull. I was due to go to the Midlands for the physical test. I was devastated that I was too small for the Paras and at the same time I got offered a permanent post after completing the YTS. I spit my dummy out, as the saying goes, and did not join the army, so it is rather ironic that 10 years ago today, on 12 Feb 2004, I was blown up in a demolition accident, losing most of my right leg. (It could only happen to me.)

The accident happened whilst cutting a piece of redundant plant on the demolition site of the infamous American ghost ships in Hartlepool.  The explosion blew off my right knee. I was flung twelve yards and buried in muddy water. I remember looking at what was left of my leg and initially thinking I had lost both legs. I remember feeling relieved to see my left foot poke out of the mud. The rest of my right leg was found some three hours later, forty-one metres from the initial explosion.

Luckily for me the two men I was working with, William and George, saved my life. I saw how much blood I had lost and asked William to get me my phone to ring my wife because I thought I might struggle to make it. William was ex-army and reassured me he had stopped the bleeding with a tourniquet. My wife was taken from her place of work in a fast police car forty miles to the hospital. She was told there was a very good chance I may not survive the night, and indeed I bowed out several times.

The demolition contract initially came about after a director of Able UK approached me whilst I was playing cricket against them. He said they had three ships to dismantle, with a chance of over one hundred more. He informed me I would dismantle one ship, and William and George the other two. I was very excited about the challenge, which would have seen me working in the North East for the foreseeable future.

The company were to employ two hundred men, which would have had a knock-on effect in boosting the local economy in a part of the country where it was much needed. I was interviewed on behalf of Able UK by national and local news channels. I told them of the systems we had in place for removing asbestos and any waste oils safely. I also told them that 95 percent of the ships would be recycled and it would be a win-win for everyone concerned in Hartlepool.

The future looked bright, but there is always someone to spoil things. In this case that someone was the local far-left branch of the Friends of the Earth (FOTE). These tree-hugging slimeballs have never done a real day’s work in their lives but love interfering with people’s livelihoods. They told the press lies that the ships were toxic and that the North East was to be a dumping ground.

Able UK did all they could to get the work started, including paying for an independent maritime surveyor, whom I accompanied around each ship. His report proved FOTE were wrong. However, together with the left-wing council, they succeeded in delaying vital planning permission for the cofferdam. That delay cost the company the chance to tender for the rest of the fleet, and the contract was lost.

Many of these ships were sold to places such as India, where they are dragged onto beaches. There they would have been cut open, allowing all the oils to be released into the sea. The asbestos would have also ended up in the sea. It would have been removed without personal or local protection and simply dumped without any regulations or overseers, such as the HSE, which we have in England.

I have seen videos of ships dismantled in the third world. They are cut up without any systems of work or personal protective equipment for the workforce. Fatalities from accidents happen daily, whilst those that do survive will suffer long time illnesses such as asbestosis. The hypocrites of Friends of the Earth do not realise that India and the rest of the third world are part of the earth that they claim to protect.

Incidentally, it was the same local branch of FOTE that organised a Parliamentary hustings meeting at a church for the Middlesbrough by-election and then refused entry to our candidate, Peter Foreman. FOTE Marxists claimed it was “democracy in action”. Far-left fascism in action is the truth of it.

My recovery took some time, both mentally and physically, as you might expect. However, I was very fortunate to have a beautiful supportive wife and three sons and was relatively financially secure. I also have a huge family and many good friends who help tremendously. I will not butter it up too much because it is not all plain sailing. I still suffer a lot of nerve pain and have severe hyposensitive scarring. The pain causes sleep problems, and I tire easily, but other than that, on the whole, I cope pretty well. We have since had three little girls to complete our family, so I think I have now done my bit for the indigenous Brits.

Losing a limb is a big deal, and I tend to strike a bond when meeting other amputees, especially those who have also suffered traumatic amputations. Whilst in various limb clinics, I have met many young veterans with various body parts missing. I look at these young lads and it is so upsetting. When I lost my leg I was 39 with my youth behind me. I had a wife and kids and a nice house; these kids, however, have nothing. If they had lost their limbs in civilian life, company insurances would be paying for state-of-the-art prosthesis. However, they must rely on our budget-hit, foreign-swamped NHS and charities such as Help for Heroes (H4H).

The traitor Tony Blair sent our troops to war on the back of lies of “weapons of mass destruction”. He then made £12m a year on the back of our fallen and injured heroes whilst working for companies and banks that benefitted from the war that he caused. Whilst that evil candidate for war crimes of the century gets richer by the day, these injured young men endure a life time of pain and suffering.

WE ARE NATIONALISTS; we are not the Labour party. We give, not take away, I feel better inside when I donate to H4H and will be donating £500 to get my appeal underway. I am hoping to raise £1,000, that is £100 for each year since my accident.

These injured heroes need our help. As nationalists we owe them a duty of care, even if the other parties don’t. Please donate to my H4H appeal by donating securely at www.bmycharity/ChristopherThornton

Alternatively please make cheques out for as little or as much as you like to “Help for Heroes” and send them to me, Chris Thornton, at Box 105, Spennymoor, County Durham, DL16 9BJ.

Kind regards, Chris Thornton
07914 550977 

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