Thursday, 22 August 2013

A recent article by The Economist provides us with some interesting statistics about Somalis in Britain, whom it calls our largest ‘refugee population’.

According to the 2011 census, 101,370 people in England and Wales were born in Somalia but less than a third of working age Somalis are employed, and just 10 percent of those are in full-time employment.

The article reports that Somali men are more often likely to be found ‘whiling away their days chewing khat’, a mild stimulative leaf, than working.

It goes on to state that in Waltham Forest, home to nearly 4,000 Somalis, 73% live in households on benefits, and more than 50% of British Somalis rent from local councils, the highest proportion of any foreign-born population.

It adds that over 80% of Somali-speaking pupils qualify for free school meals, and in 2010-11 only 33% of Somali children got five good GCSEs.

While the employment rate of all non-whites in Britain is lower than that of whites, Somalis have the lowest employment rate of all. According to ONS figures 87% of Somali women and 62% of Somali men are not in work of any kind, part or full time.

Muslim employment in Britain is low in general. In October 2010, the CEHR reported that 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women in the UK are unemployed.

Yet the anti-white media will still have you believe immigrants ‘do the jobs we don’t want to do’.

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