Friday, 24 May 2013

As the immigrant riots continue to rage in the Swedish capital, hundreds of nationalists have taken matters into their own hands and begun to patrol local neighbourhoods.

Around 200 Swedes have gathered in the Älvsjö district of Stockholm this evening to defend their city, and more people are joining throughout the night.

The group is made up of members from Nordic Youth, the Party of the Swedes and the Swedish Resistance Movement, as well as many others not part of any organisation.

A Facebook picture from Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth). It reads: 'Organise locally! Defend your area!'

According to the Swedish nationalist news site Realisten, the men have travelled to the nearby area of Tumba, where there is said to be continued unrest and several large fires.

Participants in the patrols have written on Facebook that their intentions are to end the unrest, protect members of the emergency services and to defend people who are being attacked by rioters.

Early reports from Realisten stated that police had attacked some of the nationalist groups, but the patrols are continuing on into the night regardless.

The riots have been ongoing in Muslim areas of Stockholm since Sunday night. In that time, immigrants have set alight hundreds of cars, thrown Molotov cocktails at firemen, pelted ambulances with stones, assaulted police and passers-by and vandalised schools and shops.

Swedish nationalists assemble in Stockholm earlier this evening:

The benefits of multiculturalism in Stockholm:

Muslims laugh and shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ as fires rage in Stockholm and immigrants attack police on a bridge:

Marc Abramsson, leader of the National Democrats, appears on Russia Today to discuss the riots:

Update, Saturday 25th May:

The patrols are continuing tonight. The below photo is from Nordic Youth. They state they will protect firemen from stone-throwing immigrant gangs and stop the riots from spreading to indigenous Swedish areas.

Graffito in Stockholm: 'No fires! Swedish zone!'

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