Sunday, 19 May 2013

Less than a third of British citizens want our country to remain a member of the EU, a new poll has found.

The ICM poll asked the same question that could be appearing on EU referendum ballot papers in 2017: ‘Do you think that the UK should remain a member of the EU?.’ 

Forty-six percent said they want to leave, a higher figure than in other recent surveys, while just 30 percent said they want Britain to remain in the EU.

Additionally, 44 percent want an EU referendum immediately, with 29 percent prepared to wait to 2017.

The results come just a few days after it emerged that British taxpayers will have to pump an extra £770 million into EU coffers this year in the latest attempt to prop up the faltering superstate.

The increase will take Britain's contributions to £14.7 billion for 2013, which might only be the first instalment of a bill that could cost us yet another £400 million by the autumn.

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