Sunday, 14 April 2013

Muslims are getting angry again, this time in Southampton.

According to local pro-Islam rag the Southern Daily Echo, ‘Muslim leaders’ in the city are fuming over plans for new student tower blocks that will allegedly cause chaos for Muslims trying to park at three local mosques. Yes, three.

A 20-storey and a 14-storey block of flats housing 686 students are earmarked for Charlotte Place in St Mary’s Road at the heart of one of the city’s most ‘ethnically diverse’ (i.e. Islamified) areas, the paper reports.

But the plans for the twin towers have been criticised by local Muslims, who claim the students ‘don’t give a damn about the community’ and will be a ‘disaster’ for parking.

Southampton Muslim Council ‘information officer’ Mohammad Khan said the extra students would put even more pressure on parking in the area, especially on Friday prayers, when more than 2,000 worshippers congregate at the three mosques in the neighbourhood.

Khan, who is the secretary at the Abu Bakr Masjid in Argyle Road, where 1,200 Muslims pray on Fridays, said: ‘Parking is already a nightmare, so if all these extra people are moving into the area where are people going to park?

‘It’s going to be a disaster – they don’t give a damn about the community.’

Kurshid Drabu is chairman of the Medina Mosque in St Mary’s Road, where more than 700 people attend Friday prayers.

He said: ‘We are absolutely flabbergasted the way the council has bulldozed this process through and have taken very little account of the concerns raised by the local community.

‘We will have hundreds of students living next door to the mosque and their life is full of joy and mischief but a place of worship is a place that requires reverence and we feel disturbance is likely to be caused.

‘There is going to be huge parking problems and you have got to have the infrastructure before you can have a huge block of flats.’

Ahmed Hussain, vice chairman of the Razvia Dar-ul-Uloom and Masjid, also off St Marys Road, said: ‘The students are our future assets and they need somewhere to live, but the residents around here would like to live peacefully too.

‘The extra people moving to the area can make things difficult, especially with the parking.’

Maybe now they know how it feels.

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