Saturday, 6 April 2013

The UK is advertising over 619,000 jobs in the European Union despite rising unemployment at home.

Nearly half the jobs listed on a taxpayer-funded EU website are in Britain, once again confirming LibLabCon’s commitment to securing ‘British jobs for foreign workers’.

The vacancies are posted on EURES, the EU body that advertises British jobs to any EU worker.

Of EURES’s 1,454,768 jobs currently available online, 619,901 (43 per cent) are in the UK.

By contrast Germany has advertised 359,000 posts for other EU workers – just over half the UK total – despite having a population 20 million larger than ours.

France has even fewer vacancies, 63,000. Whereas Italy has just 8,000 jobs listed on the site, and Spain only 1,800.

The British jobs being advertised on the site – which is available in 23 languages – include teachers, healthcare workers, finance and sales jobs, computing posts and clerking posts.

The European Union provides grants for unemployed EU workers to get interviews and resettle in another EU country. No such grant exists for workers in the UK to relocate to find work or get an interview.

The huge disparity in job listings adds weight to claims that the UK goes too far to go along with EU rules while other countries ignore them when they find it inconvenient.

Tim Aker, of Get Britain Out, warned that the discrepancy is likely to pile further pressure on the UK jobs market.

He said: ‘The Eurozone’s problem is going to become ours. The EU is paying to export Eurozone unemployed to the more prosperous EU member states in a cynical attempt to lower Eurozone unemployment. This will mean more competition for unemployed British workers struggling to get a job.

‘The facts show that labour mobility is only going one way, the jobs are here as the Eurozone destroys the economies of its member states. It’s time we got out of the EU to secure British jobs.’

The BNP are the only party who say, ‘British jobs for British workers.’

Jobs available by country on the EURES website

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