Friday, 5 April 2013

While the ConDem government relentlessly impose swingeing benefits cuts on needy British citizens, they continue to increase our foreign aid budget with a seemingly religious zeal.

The Coalition gave away £9 billion in foreign aid in 2012, making us the second most generous overseas aid donor in the world, behind the USA.

This year it will cost us £10 billion.

Our annual aid contribution has now overtaken that of Germany, which has managed to cut its budget by £1 billion in a year, according to figures compiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

There are 81.8 million people resident in Germany compared to 63.2 million people in Britain – leaving us with a yearly aid bill of £143 per person compared to just £106 per person in Germany.

We are also facing a triple dip recession, and there is no expectation that output will grow in the first three months of the year.

In contrast, debt-hit countries in southern Europe slashed their aid spending last year in the wake of the deepening eurozone crisis.

Spain led the way by cutting its overseas aid budget in half. Italy cut aid spending by 34 percent, Greece by 17 percent and Portugal by 13 percent.

Public support of foreign aid in Britain is at an all-time low. According to an Ipsos-Mori poll in December 2012, 61 percent of people think foreign aid money is being wasted.

The poll followed reports that Britain was continuing to squander hundreds of millions of pounds a year in ‘development aid’ to wealthy countries, including China and India, nations with their own space programmes and far higher GDPs. Millions more is swallowed up by corrupt governments in the third world, who often use the cash to fund their lavish lifestyles and dictatorial regimes.

Typically out of touch with the electorate, George Osborne has defended Britain’s rising spending, stating yesterday: ‘We should all take pride, as I do, in this historic achievement.’

The Coalition’s commitment to increasing foreign aid – irrespective of a declining British economy – is also supported by Labour, while Ukip state they only wish to ‘cut’ foreign aid.

Only the British National Party promise to stop foreign aid entirely. We believe our taxpayers’ money should be spent on our own people – those who earned it in the first place – and not one penny of it should be thrown into bottomless black hole of the third world.

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