Friday, 15 March 2013

Leeching made easy
If you ever want to refute a liberal’s claim that ‘immigrants work harder than we do’, or that they ‘do they jobs we don’t want to’, just cite the Government’s own statistics to prove them wrong.

Every month the ONS releases its ‘Labour market status by ethnic group’ report, and every month it tells the same story.

According to February’s publication, whites of working age in the UK have the highest employment rate (73.4%), whereas ethnically Bangladeshi and Pakistani people have the lowest, 49.2% and 48.6% respectively.

The Chinese fare only marginally better, with an employment rate of 50.3% (largely due to much of the Chinese population’s being in full-time education), followed by the mysterious ‘Other’ category (58.4%), mixed race people (62.7%), blacks (62.9%) and Indians (71.5%).

When the figures are broken down by gender, the employment rates drop still further. Only 30.1% of Bangladeshi women in the UK are classed as employed, followed by 30.7% of Pakistani women. The others are classed as either unemployed or as ‘inactive’, meaning they are ‘not looking for work’, in full-time education or, most frequently, on benefits.

So, remind me, just how do immigrants enrich us again?

Source: ONS (Excel file) 

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