Monday, 18 March 2013

The latest leaflet to be delivered in Spennymoor by County Durham British National Party focuses on Labour’s control of the town and the anti-BNP discrimination by the local free “newspaper”, The Spennynews.

The Spennynews does not print articles or letters from County Durham BNP, even though electoral results show that over a quarter of the town supports our party.

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Following the recent Tudhoe ward by-election, the paper ignored a “Thank you” message submitted for publication by our candidate, despite printing one by the Labour party candidate.

It has also repeatedly ignored articles about our activists’ volunteer work in the town, for example our snow clearing for pensioners.

It was this unfair treatment, and The Spennynews’ alleged connections to the local Labour party group, that inspired the production of the leaflet.

Many people in Spennymoor claim that the Labour-run Town Council is like a “closed shop” with a gangster-like grip over the people, so it is important that the people of Spennymoor know with whom they are dealing.

One of our candidates in the forthcoming local elections, Pete Molloy, said: “We have produced this leaflet in order to stand up to bigots and bullies in Spennymoor.

“Many local people have been disgusted with the treatment we’ve received and have expressed their support for the British National Party.”

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