Friday, 4 January 2013

Around 30 Tudhoe ward constituents and British National Party members and supporters turned up at the Tudhoe Ward by-election meeting held in Spennymoor Town Hall on Thursday 3rd January 2013.

This meeting had been organised by the Party’s National Organiser, Adam Walker, to give constituents of the Tudhoe ward the opportunity to hear what the British National Party’s candidate, Pete Molloy, had to say and to raise local issues.

When Pete was asked by a local lady about what he could do in Spennymoor about all planned housing developments in the town, he answered honestly:

“I can’t do anything about the developments that have already been given the go-ahead, but what I can do in the future, if more unnecessary housing schemes are being considered for the town, is to vote against them with other like-minded councillors who also want to retain our open spaces.”

Once Pete had finished addressing the audience, Solidarity Trade Union General Secretary Patrick Harrington spoke to endorse Pete to be elected by the Tudhoe public as their representative onto Spennymoor Town Council.

After a short break it was the turn of the Party’s Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, to inform the attentive audience as to why the people of old mining towns like Spennymoor still tend to vote Labour. He also compared and contrasted the Labour Party from its early days when it was genuinely there for the rights of the British worker to the Labour Party of today, which has turned its back on the British workers to favour the rich. 

Informing the audience why they should vote for the British National Party, Mr Griffin said: “The British National Party is very much like the old Labour Party, in the way we want to look after the British worker and not the super-rich like the bankers.”  

To bring the meeting to an end, Adam Walker told the audience how important money is to be able to contest an election. Mr Walker said: “The best way to be able to help out financially if you can’t make it to a meeting is to contribute to your local branch by standing order, which we already have a few people doing.” Some members of the audience came and collected standing order forms to help fund future elections.

The Tudhoe ward by-election will take place on Thursday 10th January 2013.

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