Thursday, 24 January 2013

The snow has come down heavy in Spennymoor, County Durham, leaving many of our elderly folk fearful of leaving their homes in case they slip and cause themselves an injury.

To enable the possibility for the pensioners to leave their homes, two local British National Party activists, Adam Walker and Pete Molloy, grabbed some snow shovels, County Durham BNP Hi-Viz vests and visited bungalows in the Tudhoe ward, where Pete had just recently achieved 26% in a by-election.

Mr Molloy said: “It is important that we look after our elderly folk, especially in bad weather conditions like we’ve had here in Spennymoor.

“It is also good to give something back to the community and it shows people what we in the British National Party are really like.”

While the pair were clearing snow from one pensioner’s bungalow, the resident came out and asked if we were from the council and Adam informed her that they were not, but members of the British National Party.  The pensioner was very pleased to see the British National Party and even told Pete that she had voted for him.

Once the snow had been cleared from her path, the pensioner phoned one of her neighbours to let her know that the British National Party were in the area clearing snow from paths and she asked for the Party’s help to clear the snow from her own path.

Adam went to clear the snow from the neighbour’s path, and the pensioner offered to pay for her path being cleared, but Adam declined her kind offer.

Mr Walker said: “I thanked the lady for her offer to pay, but I informed her that we weren’t doing it for the money but for community spirit and to ensure she could leave her home if she needed to pop out.”

The efforts of our two activists did not go unnoticed by members of the public as they passed by, with one gentleman even informing Adam and Pete that what they were doing was ‘very kind’.  

Before finishing for the day, Adam and Pete were asked if they would clear the snow from the path and stairs to a community centre, which had many elderly folk inside.  Once Adam and Pete had cleared the snow from the steps and path, they were thanked by the person from the community centre, who was very grateful.

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