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A new dawn for Greece?

The Greek nationalist party Chrysi Avyi (Golden Dawn) could be set to enter parliament for the first time this spring.

A national poll shows the party on 3.4 percent of the vote, enough to get it over the three percent threshold needed to be elected.

The party currently has one elected councillor in Athens and has previously polled up to 20 percent of the vote in areas with high immigrant populations.

Golden Dawn frequently suffer extreme violence at the hands of anarchists. In 2005 their office was gutted by Molotov cocktails, and in 2010 it was bombed, causing substantial damage.

According to one poll carried out by RealNews, as many as ten political parties could clear the minimum threshold of voter support and be represented in the next parliament.

The conservative New Democracy party is currently in the lead on approximately 19 percent, followed by the socialist Pasok party on 13 percent.

The election will take place in either April or May.

British National Party London Assembly candidates announced

The British National Party candidates for the London Assembly election have been announced.

They are:

Mayoral candidate

Carlos Cortiglia

Constituency candidates

Bexley and Bromley – Donna Treanor
City and East – Paul Borg
Ealing and Hillingdon – David Furness
Enfield and Haringey – Marie Nicholas
Greenwich and Lewisham – Roberta Woods
Havering and Redbridge – Robert Taylor

London-wide candidates

Stephen Squire, Dave Furness, Paul Sturdy Carlos Cortiglia, John Clark, Robert Taylor, Giuseppe De Santis, Donna Treanor, Roberta Woods, Marie Nicholas, Rowland John Brooks

Good luck to all of our brave candidates.

REMEMBER: There is a weekend of action this weekend in London. See this article for details.

Hard-hitting and powerful – Huge new campaign drive by Swedish nationalists

‘No mosques on Swedish soil’, ‘No more rapes’, ‘Multiculturalism? No, thanks’ – those are just some of the bold slogans adorning nearly one million glossy pieces of literature being distributed by our nationalist friends in Sweden.
The National Democrats (Nationaldemokraterna, ND) have produced designs for six new leaflets and 21 stickers for their biggest-ever leafleting drive outside of election time.
In total, 800,000 leaflets and 24,000 stickers have been printed.
All the material is colourful and well-produced and contains hard-hitting messages on a range of policy areas, including immigration, Islam, the environment, employment, the economy and supporting Swedish businesses.
Each leaflet features an explanation of ND beliefs, with an overriding message of ‘a national, free and Swedish Sweden’.
·      The recruitment leaflet, entitled Get Active, states that Sweden has taken in 1.8 million immigrants since the 1970s, 1.1 million of them from the third world. This is made all the more startling given that Sweden’s population is just 9.5 million.

·      The Islamification leaflet (Islamisering? Nej, tack!) warns that Sweden will become a Muslim country if present day immigration trends continue. In the 1970s, Sweden’s Muslim population was 10,000. Now it’s 500,000, and growing.

The same flyer also promises bans on ritual slaughter, genital mutilation of boys and girls, and the building of new mosques.

·      The Swedish jobs for Swedish workers leaflet hits out against outsourcing of domestic jobs to China and India. It also pledges to stop migrants undercutting Swedish workers and to reduce bureaucracy for small businesses.

·      The environmental leaflet proposes levies be imposed on cheap foreign foods so they do not undermine Swedish farmers. It also advocates ending majority foreign ownership of key Swedish industries.

·      The family unit leaflet criticizes abortion rates in Sweden. One-quarter of pregnancies in Sweden end in abortion; amongst 18–24-year-olds, that number rises to a shocking 49 per cent.

·      Well-being before multiculturalism’ exposes the media lies regarding asylum seeker numbers in Sweden.
ND party leader Marc Abramsson said this will be a great year for the party, ‘with many more pleasant surprises to come’.
Below you can see the full range of leaflets and stickers.
Islamification? No, thanks!
Well-being before multiculturalism
The family is the bedrock of society
Swedish jobs for Swedish workers!
Get active!
The land we inherited – and that which we leave to our children
Stickers, from left to right, top to bottom: Deport criminal immigrants; Multiculturalism? No, thanks!; Islamification? No, thanks!; No mosques on Swedish soil!; No more rapes; Have a nice trip! There’s no place like home; Hundreds of thousands of immigrants cost us billions!; The banks speculate, we lose; Have you had enough yet?; Support Sweden – Buy Swedish!; Swedish jobs for Swedish workers!; Once upon a time robbers only lived in the woods (picture of MPs in parliament in the background); Marc Abramsson, 33 years old and father to three children; Under 25? Become a member via SMS!; Tougher punishments for paedophiles!; Protect marriage – mother, father, children; Discover history – Discover your cultural heritage!; All people’s freedom – world peace; 6 Kroner a litre – abolish the fuel tax; Politicians are selling out Sweden – don’t give them your support; European Union today, World Union tomorrow?

Before and after: The stickers are put up in the city of Södertälje

British Worker and Scottish Worker publications now available from Solidarity Trade Union

Britain’s only nationalist and anti-communist trade union has produced yet another issue of the union’s main agitprop paper, British Worker.
Issue 6 looks at the number of well-known high street names which have recently gone into administration. This has particularly hit retail workers – many of whom are young, female and poorly paid – hard. 
Whilst the government hasn’t lifted a finger to help these retail workers out, it can always find money for wars, the EU gravy-train or to bailout the bankers. However, “they can never find money to help ordinary working families.”
British Worker notes that:
“Instead of throwing workers onto the dole – perhaps never to find a meaningful job again – wouldn’t it be better to nationalise large companies that go into administration? Jobs will be saved – and a wage will still be coming in. Terms and conditions of employment would be guaranteed. These companies can then later be run as one – or several – co-operatives once trading conditions improve.”
And it concludes:
“Once again we ask why is it that Cameron and Clegg can always find money to wage wars, prop up the EU and bail out the bankers? And why is it that they can never find money to help ordinary working families? Never mind the fat cats - what about the workers?”
All Solidarity members and supporters are asked to help build the circulation – and hence the influence – of British Worker. It’s a powerful weapon in our armoury. It talks about real bread and butter issues like jobs, wages and working conditions. It says what you think. There’s no PC nonsense. Its articles are direct and straight to the point. 
With this in mind, we think that in the coming weeks and months our enemies (both of the capitalist ‘right’ and communist ‘left’) will be surprised at Solidarity’s capability to produce a wide range of publications. Without letting the cat out of the bag, all we can say is watch this space!
In the meantime, why not follow these three simple steps and help spread the word about Solidarity Trade Union!
STEP 1 – Simply e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf copy of the latest issue of British Worker (issue 6).
STEP 2 – Read, enjoy and send any feedback to
STEP 3 – Repost this article via Facebook, Twitter and so on. Encourage all of your friends, relatives and workmates to order their copy of British Worker as soon as possible. 
First issue of Scottish Worker out now
A week or so ago, we announced that issue 1 of Scottish Worker would be out very soon. We’re delighted to say that it’s now available from Solidarity Trade Union!
The first issue highlights the decline of Scottish manufacturing. It's something which has been underlined by the Forth Bridge contract to a group that plans to source their steel supplies from China, Poland and Spain. Solidarity calls for action to get Scotland working again.
To get hold of it, simply e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf copy of Scottish Worker.
Our next scheduled publication will be issue 7 of British Worker. It should be out towards the end of April. Keep your eyes peeled for it!
Visit Solidarity’s website here.

Official press release: Copyright-free BNP logos

In response to requests from media outlets, the British National Party has made copyright-free images of its logo available today.
Images include two stand-alone logos, a BNP rosette and a BNP ballot being marked.
The logo was created after a long period of consultation with our professional designers at our creative agency and input from focus groups and Party members.
It forms part of a rebrand of the party launched in the run-up to the next local and GLA elections, to be held in May.
The new logo officially replaces the previous “BNP acronym" logo.
You can download the media pack using the link below:
The pack contains the below images:

Raising awareness of Muslim grooming

Following the memorial for Charlene Downes held by British National Party members in Blackpool at the weekend, Adam Walker spoke with North West MEP Nick Griffin about the scandal of Muslim grooming in Britain.
Charlene, who was 14 when she disappeared in 2003, is believed to be one of 60 girls groomed for sex by Muslim workers at takeaways in Blackpool in recent years.
The youngest recorded victim of the grooming was an 11-year-old schoolgirl.
Shocking claims made in court over Charlene’s murder revealed fears that her body had been put through a mincing machine, with takeaway staff said to have joked that her remains had ‘gone into the kebabs’.
Despite overwhelming evidence against the accused, including 52 audio recordings in which the men discussed Charlene’s murder in gruesome detail, the trial collapsed due to police failings and no convictions were made.
The men, Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Raveshi, were rewarded with £250,000 each in compensation.
Another victim of grooming in Blackpool was Paige Chivers, who disappeared in 2007. Police believe that 15-year-old Paige was killed like Charlene, by Muslim men preying on young white girls.
Like Charlene, Paige’s body has never been found.

Watch the video report below or on BNPtv here.

Labour councillor: 'My real mother is a green alien'

This is what you get when you blindly vote for someone just because they’re wearing a red rosette.
The Northern Echo: A LABOUR politician has stunned his town council colleagues by claiming his “real mother” is a 9ft green alien with eight fingers.
Councillor Simon Parkes, who was elected to represent Stakesby ward on Whitby Town Council last month, said although he has had hundreds of close encounters with extra-terrestrials, it will not interfere with his mission to help residents at the seaside resort.
Speaking on YouTube, Coun Parkes said he first saw an alien at the age of eight months, when “a traditional kite-shaped face”, with huge eyes, tiny nostrils and a thin mouth appeared over his cot.
He said: “Two green stick things came in. I was aware of some movement over my head. I thought, ‘they’re not mummy’s hands, mummy’s hands are pink’.”
He added: “I was looking straight into its face. It enters my mind through my eyes and it sends a message down my optic nerve into my brain.
“It says ‘I am your real mother, I am your more important mother’.”
He said after contracting chicken pox at the age of three, his mother went to work and left him at home to fend for himself when an 8ft “doctor” dressed as a waiter appeared to offer help.
As an 11-year-old, he claims he was taken on a craft by his alien “mother”, and made a deal with the beings on board.
He said: “The reason extraterrestrials are interested in me is not because of my physical body, but because of what is inside me. My soul.”
Coun Parkes said his extraterrestrial beliefs “did not come up on the doorstep” while he was campaigning recently.
He said: “I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough Town Hall. The aliens are far more aware of stuff. People in the Town Hall seem not to be aware of the needs of Whitby.”

North East British National Party members’ update

This update will be going out as a newsletter to members and supporters, old and new, of the British National Party in the North East. I intend to use this publication to keep you informed about what is happening within the region and hope to make the newsletter a regular feature, but firstly, if I haven't already, can I wish you a very happy new year?
The Past
You’ve probably noticed that we have been reasonably quiet over the past few months. This is for several reasons. Obviously the weather is a huge factor as it tends to hamper progress, particularly with regard to street activism. We have lost a few members through what we call natural wastage, where somebody joins us but then falls away for no particular reason. This happens in most clubs and organisations.
We have also had to defend ourselves against a barrage of attacks from our political opposition, who have tried to finish us off, but we’re still very much here. Internal disputes, which happen in all political parties, have also cost us some good comrades, but as a Party we have held firm and now we are on the move again.
The Present
Despite what you may hear or read about, at the moment the British National Party’s membership is in the process of expanding. Certainly we are not yet back to the dizzy heights of high membership numbers which we enjoyed immediately after the success of getting two MEPs elected, and most of the natural wastage lost members I mentioned earlier joined on the back of that victory.
If you have seen our website, had a copy of the British Nationalist or recently read a Voice of Freedom newspaper, you will have seen that there is plenty going on. We are engaging with the public on the streets of Britain like no other political party does or can.
Our work over the years against Muslim paedophiles is coming to fruition, and we had a demonstration at Liverpool Crown Court at which many of them were on trial. We were in Burnley recently for the same reason and have also been to Hyde, near Manchester, where our demonstration against the hushing-up of anti-white racist attacks received tremendous local support. The North East was represented at all events.
The Future
The future for the British National Party in the North East and across the country is looking very bright. It is much brighter than was predicted by the perpetual pessimists a year ago and certainly much brighter than the coalition government or our far-left opponents would like or are comfortable with.
We have a steady flow of fresh enquiries and new members coming through.  I’m also glad to see some former members returning and old wounds healing. We are being asked about street activities and campaigns in order to offer the local British people hope. Our people never see any parties other than ours campaigning outside of an election period.
As a result, we will be arranging leafleting sessions and street activities in the coming months through local organisers. We would very much like you to be involved. If you have been quiet yourself of late, remember why you became involved with Nationalism in the first place. We all owe it to the countless folk who have made sacrifices big and small so that we can live in a free country today.
How Can You Help?
There are many ways you can help. The most important of all is to understand that it will take many years to build up a movement to win our country back. It cannot be achieved overnight. Sometimes people join us expecting instant results and then become disappointed when we don’t get into Downing Street a week later. We must be patient, look to the long-term bigger picture, and we all must do something.
You can organise or get involved with activities no matter what your time availability, your financial situation, your physical health, your work commitments or your age. Please take a look at our Activists Handbook on the website. If your Internet browser won't open the page immediately, try right-clicking and opening it in a new window. Aren't computers great?
You can email or give my team a call on 07503 779 207 and we will try our best to get you involved in some way, shape or form to help win our country back.
If you know somebody who supports us but doesn't want to join, or if you yourself for whatever reason can’t do something physical to help, then please support us financially and encourage them to as well. Donate as little as £1 per month or as much as you like directly to the North East British National Party using the Standing Order mandate form. Remember to put "NTHEAST" as the Payment Reference and send the signed paperwork to the address at the top of the form.
Another thing that anybody can do is fill out the postal vote form and return it to us. It takes less than a minute to complete the form, and when it comes to the next election the Council will send you a card to vote by post so you don’t have to go to the polling station. People are EIGHT TIMES more likely to vote if they are a postal voter, which explains how some parties manage to cling onto power despite being hugely unpopular.
We have a North East meeting coming up for April 12th, and we would like you to come along. It will be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded local people. We will be discussing issues regarding our work in the region. The British National Party Chairman, Mr Nick Griffin MEP, will be in attendance, as will other Party officials, speaking about how a win in the Greater London Assembly will benefit us all throughout Great Britain.
The re-direction point for this meeting will be manned from 18:30 until 19:00 and is at the Kelly Public House, Hedgeley Road, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear NE31 1HE. The meeting starts at 19:30 sharp, and I sincerely hope to see you there.
Onwards and upwards!
Adam Walker
National Organiser

British National Party Facebook page reaches 80,000 fans

The British National Party’s official Facebook page has reached 80,000 fans and is continuing to grow in numbers.
The page is the fourth most popular political party Facebook page in Britain, only surpassed by the three old parties: the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives.
And the British National Party is gaining on the Lib Dems, who are on 95,000 fans.
Meanwhile, Labour are second with 119,000, and the Conservatives have 153,000.
Among the smaller parties, the Greens have 15,000 fans, whereas the English Democrats have 6,000 and Ukip just 5,000.
The Respect party has 127.
The British National Party’s Facebook page is a great way to keep up to date with new stories as they are added to the main website.
You can also help do your bit to spread the Party’s message by signing up for a Facebook or Twitter account and sharing stories on your profile.
Other British National Party pages to like on Facebook include:
British National Party London -
Official British National Party group -
You can also follow us on our recently re-established Twitter page at

You can follow Nick on his official Twitter page at

And Simon Darby at

UK Border Farce loses another 50,000 immigrants

The latest blunder from our border farce. Last November it was reported they ‘lost’ 124,000 asylum seekers due to innate incompetence.

Just wait till those ConDem cuts kick in.

The Sun: Up to 50,000 foreign students went missing because of a major UK Border Agency blunder, it is revealed today.
The National Audit Office said the immigrants were given student visas in 2009 and 2010, but may not have attended college.
An NAO report said the UKBA switched to a new system "before key controls were in place".
It claimed staff "did not check" if those granted visas became students. NAO chief Amyas Morse said: "The flaws were predictable and avoidable."
Nearly 300,000 foreign students and their families are given visas every year.
Labour introduced supposedly harsher restrictions in 2009, with foreign students having to be sponsored by colleges and banned from moving between institutions.
But between February 2010 and October 2011, 62,000 foreign students were still reported for not attending classes.
An NAO contractor took just a week to track down around 200 "lost" people.
The NAO also claimed the Border Agency did "little" to kick out students whose requests for extensions are refused. Just 2,900 have been deported since 2009.

In memory of Charlene Downes

Video and photos of the service for Charlene Downes, on what would have been her 23rd birthday.

After the service, activists leafleted and met in the public in Blackpool.

Thank you to all who attended to support Charlene’s family.


Muslim child rape gangs – Don’t say we didn’t warn you

British National Party leader Nick Griffin first spoke out about the scandal of Muslim child rape (or ‘grooming’) gangs on our streets over a decade ago, in 2001.

The media and the establishment called him ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’, but since then dozens of Muslim paedophile gang members have been apprehended and tried across Britain.

This week the latest such gang was arrested in Oxford, proving that this is not just a phenomenon confined to northern England and Scotland.

Rather, it is a phenomenon seemingly confined to wherever there is a Muslim population.

The six men remanded in custody face a total of 34 charges, including rape, child rape, sexual activity with a child, arranging prostitution, threats to kill, drug possession, supplying drugs to a child, and child trafficking.

Their names are Kamar Jamil, Anjum Dogar, Akhtar Dogar, Zeshan Ahmed, Bassan Karrar and Mohammed Karrar.

The accused appeared before High Wycombe magistrates after being charged by police on 23 March.

Seven others have been bailed until next month.

Thames Valley police are investigating claims that 24 girls were victims of the abuse, which is said to have occurred between 2004 and March 2012.

Four girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were allegedly given alcohol and drugs and forced to have sex with the men.

The youngest victim is believed to be just 11 years old.

More than 100 police officers were needed to apprehend the men in a series of 14 raids.

The accused and their charges are as follows:
  • Kamar Jamil is charged with four counts of rape, two counts of arranging the prostitution of a child, one count of making a threat to kill and one count of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.
  • Anjum Dogar is charged with one count of conspiring to rape a child, one of arranging the prostitution of a child and one count of trafficking.
  • Akhtar Dogar faces three charges of rape, one count of conspiring to rape a child, three counts of arranging the prostitution of a child, one count of making a threat to kill and one count of trafficking.
  • Zeshan Ahmed faces 10 charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child.
  • Bassan Karrar is charged with one count of rape.
  • Mohammed Karrar will face two counts of conspiracy to rape a child and one count of supplying a class A controlled drug to a child.
The British National Party is the only party that campaigns against the scandal of Muslim paedophilic rape gangs operating across our once-fair nation.

With your support, we can put an end to this disgusting practice by halting immigration and deporting foreign criminals back to where they belong.

Please join our fight today, for the sake of our children.

Another day, another Muslim child rape gang arrested

We warned you, but you just called us ‘racist’.
Keep voting LibLabCon if you want your children to be next.

The BNP – the only party to campaign against Muslim rape gangs

Child prostitution inquiry: Six remanded on sex charges
BBC: Police carried out raids on a number of properties on Thursday morning
Six men from Oxford have been remanded in custody after appearing in court in connection with an investigation into child exploitation in the city.
The men face charges including rape, conspiring to rape a child, arranging child prostitution and trafficking.
They appeared before High Wycombe magistrates earlier after being charged by police on Friday.
Seven others have been bailed until next month.
The men charged in connection with the inquiry are Anjum Dogar, 30, and his brother Akhtar, 31, both of Tawney Street, and Kamar Jamil, 26, of Aldrich Road.
Zeshan Ahmed, 26, of Palmer Road, Mohammed Karrar, 37, of Cowley Road and Bassan Karrar, 32, of no fixed address, also appeared in court earlier.
Thames Valley Police, investigating claims 24 girls were being exploited, arrested 13 men following raids on properties in the city on Thursday.
More than 100 police officers were involved in 14 raids.
The six men who have now appeared in court face a number of charges:
  • Mr Jamil is charged with four counts of rape, two counts of arranging the prostitution of a child, one count of making a threat to kill and one count of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

  • Anjum Dogar is charged with one count of conspiring to rape a child, one of arranging the prostitution of a child and one count of trafficking.

  • Akhtar Dogar faces three charges of rape, one count of conspiring to rape a child, three counts of arranging the prostitution of a child, one count of making a threat to kill and one count of trafficking.

  • Mr Ahmed faces 10 charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

  • Bassan Karrar is charged with one count of rape.

  • Mohammed Karrar will face two counts of conspiracy to rape a child and one count of supplying a class A controlled drug to a child.

‘Local Jobs for Local People’ letter

Pete Molloy responds to Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman’s recent letter in the Northern Echo regarding County Durham BNP’s Local Jobs for Local People petition.
I am glad our MP, Helen Goodman, did write to a certain number of those who signed the British National Party’s Local Jobs petition - but not all as she claims (Echo, Mar 22) - even though it was some weeks after the latest issue of the local British National Party’s Spennymoor Patriot newsletter had started to land on doormats and long after I handed in the petition to our MP’s constituency office in November.
The recipients of Ms Goodman’s letter were left confused because she did not mention our petition therein. I would like to ask Ms Goodman why she did not mention the petition in her letter so people could have understood why she had written to them.
I would also like to ask Ms Goodman how many of the 76% of construction and 98% of the highway upgrade workers are actually from the Spennymoor area and not the North East region.
Ms Goodman also blames the lack of jobs in Spennymoor on the Tories but fails to acknowledge the Labour Party’s destruction of the town centre and manufacturing jobs in the town, with big companies like Electrolux and Black & Decker moving away while they were in government.
Pete Molloy, British National Party Prospective Candidate, Spennymoor ward
Read more on this story here.

Memorial service for Charlene Downes tomorrow

There will be a memorial service for Charlene Downes on her 23rd birthday, Sunday the 25th of March, 11 am, at the Rose Garden, Carleton Crematorium & Cemetery, Stocks Road, Poulton-le-Fylde (near Blackpool), Lancashire FY6 7QS.

The service will be a celebration of Charlene’s young life, which tragically ended on or about the 1st of November 2003. The service will be prepared and conducted by the Reverend Robert West and will take place at 11 am in the gardens of the cemetery, and will conclude at around 12 pm. We hope the weather will be fine, but it’s best to bring an umbrella, just in case.
An Order of Service has been produced by Revd West and Cllr Cathy Duffy, and a limited number of copies will be available for those attending the service. Please let us know if you intend to join us, as we will need an idea of the numbers expected.
This will be a very respectful occasion and we will be providing a plaque in the Rose Garden in remembrance of Charlene, so that her family will have a focal point for her. Also, Charlene’s memorial bench at Stanley Park is being transferred to the Rose Garden at the cemetery.
We have told Mr and Mrs Downes that we will raise a collection to provide for the costs involved in this, which amounts to around £500. Cllr Chris Vanns and Dot Sayers, our organisers for Burnley and Bolton, are providing the flowers.
Therefore, instead of bringing flowers, if anyone would like to make a donation to the Charlene Downes Appeal, please contact 0844 809 4581 and make your donation. The money raised will go towards the above costs, and anything left over will be passed to Mr and Mrs Downes.
We hope that many of you will be able to join us on Sunday 25th to pay our respects to Charlene and to remind the Establishment that our children are worth much more than they seem to believe.
Our thanks go to Cllr Chris Vanns for coming up with this thoughtful tribute to Charlene (and for the flowers), and to Dot Sayers, both of whom also provided the flowers for our previous tribute to Charlene. We would like to thank Cllr Derek Dawson for all of his work on behalf of the Downes family, and Cllr Cathy Duffy, who has produced a lovely Order of Service; and finally, Revd Robert West, for volunteering to travel such a long way to prepare and conduct this Memorial to Charlene.
Karen and Robert Downes and family have asked us to thank everyone who has supported them.
The address for the service is:
Carleton Crematorium & Cemetery
Stocks Road
Poulton-le-Fylde (near Blackpool)
Lancashire FY6 7QS
A map is available here.

‘London deserves to be fought for’ – Carlos Cortiglia, BNP London mayoral candidate

‘London deserves to be fought for, and that is why we are standing for election’ – that was British National Party mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia’s message when interviewed by BNP National Organiser Adam Walker.
Mr Cortiglia said that it is important to have at least one political party in the GLA that represents Britain.
‘We have seen over many years that all the other parties are not representing Britain or British interests,’ he said.
‘They seem to think the EU is more important than the UK. I assumed they were elected to represent Britain and not the European Union.’
On being asked why the British National Party is standing in London, Mr Cortiglia said:
‘London deserves to be fought for, and that is why we are standing for election, because we think London needs to be protected, and the interests of Londoners defended.’
You can watch the interview on BNPtv below or here.

Britain’s most wanted: Where whites are the ethnic minority

There’s one place where ethnic minorities are nearly always in the majority – ‘most wanted’ lists.
This month’s Crimewatch line-up is unsurprisingly no different.
As you can see from the below screengrab from the BBC website, ethnic ‘minorities’ make up four out of seven (57 per cent) of March’s most wanted criminals, despite ‘only’ being ten per cent of the population (allegedly).

Amongst this month’s diverse enrichers are:

 Mohammed Ferdaous, from Bangladesh, wanted in connection with the rape of a woman in Manchester;

 Lubomir Oracko, wanted for burglary;

 Ibrahim Kadir, sought for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, who was stabbed in the chest, stomach and arms;

 and Shaker Alfeturi, a registered sex offender who speaks ‘little or no English’.
A look at the Crimewatch archives for previous months tells the same story.
January 2012’s list reveals that four out of six (66 per cent) of ‘most wanted’ criminals still on the loose for that month are foreign.
Of the four who remain from December 2011, two are foreign: Sodor Alom, wanted for the rape of a woman in Newport; and Nisar Dad, wanted for attacking his ex-partner with an iron bar and breaking her elbow.
November 2011’s list comprises of five men, four of whom (80 per cecnt) are racial foreigners.
And so on.
The Crimestoppers website paints a similarly dark picture.
The below screenshot shows the first search results for people sought in relation to sexual offences.

Again, the majority, 70 per cent are racial foreigners, wanted for crimes such as child rape and indecent assault.
The shockingly high proportion of non-white offenders in such lists draws an undeniable correlation between race and criminality, one that members of the British National Party have of course long been aware of.
Unfortunately, even the obvious truth, in front of people’s eyes in black and white, seems to be not proof enough for some.
Let us hope such folk wake up to these realities before they themselves become victims of similar horrific acts.
To help solve these crimes, please visit or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Alternatively, to help prevent such crimes in the future, vote British National Party, the only party against letting criminal immigrants into Britain.

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