Thursday, 8 November 2012

The South Tyneside branch of the BNP recently held its first meeting since August, and the venue was packed out, with some members having to stand.

The meeting was chaired by Peter Foreman, who spoke of his dismay at the state of our country.

Martin Vaughan, the fund holder for the branch, spoke about the need to raise funds for the next local elections in May 2014. He said the fact that we have no elections next year can be worked to our advantage. We should be able to finance full-colour leaflets and be able to better our opposition, he said. It will also give us more time to work on our target wards.

Martin then went on to talk about our Christmas party, to be held in South Shields on Saturday the 8th of December. If you would like further details, please call Martin on 07944 841659.

The main speaker for the evening was branch organizer Chris Thornton, who had obviously done his homework on the subject of the slave trade. His speech was very informative, and it captivated the attention of the full room of guests and members. Chris also spoke about Muslim grooming gangs and the recorded activities in the local library, where young school children were being invited to be indoctrinated about Islam.

The most captivating part of the speech was when Chris explained about the 53-year-old prophet Mohammed, who was married to a six-year-old girl. The ironic part was when Chris asked the Muslim woman at the library about it; she replied the girl was nine (so that's OK, then!). The younger guests in the room were quite shocked to hear this and were promptly told they did not hear that one in school, did they?

Overall the meeting was a resounding success, with new members and guests, lots of money raised, and a good time had by all.

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