Wednesday, 31 October 2012

County Durham BNP headed by Adam Walker has approached Whitworth Park School in Spennymoor, offering them copies of our ‘Together we’ll beat em’ pamphlets which have been produced by the YBNP.

Adam sent a letter (reproduced below) to each head of year and the head teacher explaining a little about the problem of Muslim grooming gangs and the lack of concern expressed by authorities up and down our country, for fear they are labelled ‘racist’.

As this issue is so important, in his letter Adam suggested that the school cover it in assemblies or PSHCE lessons.

These are the lessons used by many ultra-left-wing teachers in many schools to inform (indoctrinate) pupils on how evil the British National Party are, so it will be a refreshing change for the pupils to learn about one of the many good things our party does.

Adam has even offered the pamphlets to the school free of charge.

‘Although we don’t have a big Muslim community in Spennymoor, on current demographic trends we will one day, and I think as far as the kids go, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

‘If they know what dangers are out there, they will be less likely to become victims themselves.

‘Some may have relatives in areas where grooming is a real problem. It would be nice to see the school address this issue head on.

‘As a very experienced and well-respected teacher, I would be more than willing to deliver lessons on this subject,’ commented Adam.

County Durham BNP are awaiting a reply from the school, and they are looking forward to helping out as much as possible.

Of course, if the school choose to ignore this issue, as many authorities the length and breadth of our country have, and if by their inaction they deliberately put the children in their care at risk, then the Co. Durham BNP will have to step in and do their job for them, by distributing the pamphlets themselves.

Under a British National Party Government the problem of child grooming, gang raping and the molesting of our children by Muslim gangs would be a lot less of a problem, as those found guilty of such crimes would be hanged by the neck until dead.

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