Wednesday, 12 September 2012

As you may or may not be aware, I have recently been involved in a long, drawn-out court case following an incident after a Saint George’s Day parade in 2011.

Much political hay has been made by our enemies because of this, and predictably, most of what was said was based on lies.

Like most lies, these have now been shown for what they are.

But supporters of the Party deserve to be told the truth, and now that the court case is over, I no longer have to silently endure the gossip circus and can offer supporters the truth and ask them to make up their own minds.

Following the Saint George’s Day parade, I was removing bunting from my car outside a pub using a small craft knife.

Prior to this and in another part of the pub, three youths had been evicted from the premises by staff after complaints from parents, whose children had been on the bouncy castle and were injured by the youths.

These three youths then deliberately remained on the premises and were told by staff they would be removed.

This was the third year in a row that these particular youths had caused trouble to families enjoying the day, and it was the third time they had been asked to leave.

They were clearly expecting and eager for trouble and when I came out of the pub to remove the bunting, unaware of what had happened at the bouncy castle, these three youths, as the Prosecutor put it, “mistakenly believed that I had been sent to remove them”.

What followed then was described by one newspaper as I “thought they were being cheeky”. The judge at my sentencing described this as “prolonged and provocative” abuse.

Either way, what I did next was wrong. I followed the youths in my Land Rover and when they stopped, I got out of the car, took my craft knife and punctured the tyres of their bicycles.

I then got back into my car and left the scene.

There is no excusing this. If I could go back, I would certainly not repeat the action. It was, as the judge described, the result of a “rush of blood to the head”.

The judge criticised me especially for the driving as the youths could have been injured if they had come off their bicycles.

I regret my actions completely.

As a result of my acceptance that what I did was wrong and the immediate remorse I felt, I pleaded guilty in court to dangerous driving, possession of a bladed instrument, criminal damage and a Section Four public order offence.

I firmly stood by my statement that I had not verbally or physically threatened anybody, had not tried to knock anybody off their bicycles, had not been drunk driving, had not been performing any handbrake turns or “drifting” as has been alleged and certainly had not pleaded guilty to affray or to brandishing a knife at anybody.

This was fully accepted by the Prosecution.

I have now received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for eighteen months.

I have been banned from driving for the statutory minimum period of one year, some of which is already spent.

I have been ordered to pay for the tyres, which totals £142.

Instead of a curfew or community work, I have been ordered not to move from my address for six months.

During the hearing, the judge looked at some of the eighteen testimonies offered by colleagues and local residents.

These were either character references for me or descriptions of the problems arising from the disruptive and anti-social behaviour of the three youths in the community.

He described me as “easily respected”, “very well-respected” and “committed to my community and my country”.

Whilst acknowledging that the driving ban could affect my employment, he added, “I clearly hope that your employers continue to value your good work as they have in the past and that they regard this episode as an utter aberration.”

Reactions to this sentence have again been predictable.

Friends and supporters are relieved that the judge has accepted my remorse and that the Prosecution have accepted the facts and not the wild and often ludicrous accusations.

Despite the establishment of the true facts, enemies and opponents are still screaming that I have threatened children and should be expelled.

Whilst I can only say that these accusations are utter rubbish, clearly my behaviour has invited this sort of criticism. But these are the facts.

They can now be verified as a matter of public record.

If you hear or read about somebody claiming anything different, they are a liar and you might want to take anything else they say with a large pinch of salt.

I would advise anybody in future, who finds themselves the target of abuse from anti-social youths, not to react as I did.

The way the country has become under years of Labour and even Coalition “hug a hoodie” nonsense, you will not achieve anything. Please address your legitimate concerns to the Police and do not attempt to resolve any similar matters yourself. The Police are not well-known for being able to deal with anti-social youths.

In my own home town, the Police estimate that seventy-five percent of all reported crime is down to feral youths.

Yet still, after my arrest, photographs of every inch of my vehicle were taken and presented to the court with the exception of the boot space containing the bunting and the craft knife.

My solicitor initially found it extremely difficult to be given access to Police, council or school records.

These records painted a picture of the true anti-social nature of the three youths involved.

If you try to be a “have-a-go hero” in these times, you will not be treated favourably by the Police.

So please leave them to do their job.

At least if the crimes are reported, we can apply pressure to the Police to address them.

Finally, I apologise unreservedly to the people affected by my actions, especially my family, friends and those who may have believed the tirade of lies presented to them by our opposition.

I see no need for this to stop my work for the Party and certainly no need for this to stop my work in my local community.

People’s lives are made better as a result of the good work I do, and some of these people were kind enough to offer support to me throughout this ordeal.

I regret what I did.

I hope that by reading the truth about the case, you will be able to make an informed opinion and that rather than see me try to brush the matter under the rug, I face up to what I did, deny what I did not do and that I accept responsibility for my own actions.

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