Saturday, 18 August 2012

BNP activists protesting outside the
shop last month
North East British National Party members will be holding another demonstration outside a halal branch of Subway in Sunderland, on Saturday 25 August.

The shop on St Luke’s Terrace, Pallion, has already been the site of recent successful Party protests, and South Tyneside Fundholder Martin Vaughan is promising to keep up the pressure.

‘It is our intention to carry on with these protests until either the shop withdraws the sale of halal meat or the shop closes; either way we must stop this terrible practice,’ he said.

‘The public response so far has been fantastic. No one except fanatical lefties will support the brutality of religious slaughter,’ he added.

The Truth Truck will be in attendance again on Saturday, and Martin is calling for another strong turnout.

‘I don't just want to see the folk of Scotland here,’ he said, referring to the contingent who travelled down from north of the border for last month’s protest, ‘I want people from all over the UK. This is a national issue, not a local one. I hope we can show the spine of the party here.'

Subway has previously admitted that some of the halal meat it sells is unstunned prior to slaughter, meaning the animal can suffer several minutes of agonising pain before death.

The branch’s management has yet to comment on its reasons for selling halal meat to an unsuspecting public in a non-Muslim area of Sunderland.

Saturday’s demonstration will take place from 12.30 p.m. The RV point will be at the Matalan car park, SR4 6TY. Please contact Martin on 07944 841659 for further details.

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