Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Local BNP members set out plans for the future at a North Tyneside meeting in Newcastle on 10th July, which was chaired and catered for by local activist Dorothy Brooke.

‘This was a fantastic opportunity for all of us to see one another re-united after a long time,’ said South Tyneside Organiser Chris Thornton.

‘The North East region is now rebuilding, and we have meetings in Newcastle, Sunderland and Hartlepool in the near future. I am confident we can become the strongest and fastest up-and-coming region in the country.’

South Tyneside Fundholder Martin Vaughan said:

‘We look forward to working with Dorothy and her team, rebuilding our region. I expect to get much-improved results in our next elections. The BNP are like a rubber ball: we always bounce back.

‘I wish to thank the North Tyneside team for their sterling effort for the evening,’ he added.

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