Wednesday, 18 July 2012

REMINDER: North East British National Party members will be holding a demonstration outside another of the region’s halal-only takeaways tomorrow, Thursday 19th July.

Our activists will be handing out leaflets that inform the public of the true nature of halal slaughter, and making them aware that the BNP is the only party that opposes its production and sale in the UK.

We already know this type of action gets results. Last month the Subway on Prince Edward Road, South Shields, announced it would be ‘phasing out’ the sale of halal products, following successive demonstrations held outside the store by South Tyneside activists.

Even though the street was packed with potential customers during the most recent demonstration, people were so shocked by the information in our leaflets that none of them went into the shop while we were there.

Like the outlet in South Shields, the one in Sunderland is in a majority-white, non-Muslim area, so there is even less need for it to be halal. Most of its customers will be unaware they are eating meat that has been sacrificed to a foreign god in a cruel and barbaric way that causes unnecessary suffering to animals.

British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin will be in attendance at the demo, and he will also be speaking at a branch meeting in South Tyneside that evening.

The RV for the demo is the Matalan car park, Pallion, Sunderland, SR4 6TY.

Please be there for 12.30 p.m.

For any further information, please contact Martin Vaughan on 07944 841659.

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