Monday, 2 July 2012

A blind man refused entry to a restaurant has received a phoney apology from its Muslim owner after a backlash from locals.

Offensive to Muslims
Andy Shipley, 48, from Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, was left outraged when he was turned away when visiting the Slough restaurant three weeks ago, the Bucks Herald reports.

His story prompted an angry response from the newspaper’s readers.

Now the restaurant owner, Muhammed Saleem, has vowed to change his ‘no dogs’ policy, admitting he wrongly refused entry to a blind man and his guide dog.

Mr Shipley said: ‘Mr Saleem was profusely apologetic and made the point it was something he got wrong. He had several meetings with his staff to say that, and it seems the situation has been remedied.’

The law states restaurants are obligated to make allowances for guests with guide dogs.

Mr Shipley has a deteriorating eye condition that severely limits his vision, and he relies on guide dog Winnie to get around.

Mr Saleem, owner of Shahzad Indian restaurant, in Park Street, Slough, has agreed to put up an ‘assistant dogs allowed’ sign, make a donation to the Fieldfare Trust, the disability charity of which Mr Shipley is chairman, and offer a free meal to the party of six who were turned away.

Dogs are seen as ‘ritually unclean’ by Muslims and are not allowed to be kept as pets in Islamic countries.

In Britain, police sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at train stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers, following complaints that it was ‘offensive to their religion’.

Sniffer dogs used by police to search mosques and Muslim homes are fitted with leather bootees to cover their paws so that they do not offend dog-hating Muslims.

Muslim prisoners in Britain are given fresh clothes and bedding after sniffer dogs search their cells, because Muslim inmates claim that according to Islamic law they are now ‘unclean’. Wardens must hand out replacement sets after random drug searches to avoid religious discrimination claims. The dogs have also been banned from touching copies of the Koran and other religious items.

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