Friday, 6 July 2012

The latest black zombie/cannibal attack comes from Atlanta, Georgia, where Karl Laventure ran amok on a golf course, stripping down to his underwear and threatening to eat people.

Police said Laventure was high on synthetic bath salts when he appeared out of the woods, stole a golf club and began running around wildly swinging it.

What he said was equally disturbing.

One witness recalls: ‘Among other things, he was saying things like “I’ll eat you. I don’t want to eat you, but I will.”’

Laventure then stripped down to his underwear and jumped into a pond. When police arrived, he charged at them and had to be pepper sprayed and tasered four times before he could be subdued.

‘He was saying animal sounds,’ said the Asian owner of the course. ‘We were very scared. He was not like a human; he was like a wild animal.’

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