Thursday, 12 July 2012

Letter by British Veterans’ Group Leader Pete Molloy in The Northern Echo.

BEING a former regular soldier, it is always sad to see our Armed Forces cut back and brave service personnel thrown onto the scrap heap.

It is very hypocritical of Labour MPs to criticise the Government over scrapping historic regiments such as the Green Howards, when they did the same with my regiment, The King’s Regiment, in 2006.

Talking to lads still serving, they are, quite rightly, concerned about their futures.

They want to know if there is a need to lose 20,000 soldiers and wonder if soldiers from Commonwealth countries such as Fiji, which they claim make up 30 per cent of some infantry regiments, go before UK-born soldiers. 

They have a valid point because, after all, they are the “British” Armed Forces.

Pete Molloy, Spennymoor

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