Monday, 23 July 2012

Local people in Sunderland stood side by side with British National Party activists at our demonstration against an halal-only branch of Subway on Thursday.

A crowd of around 150 attended our protest on one side of St Luke’s Terrace in Pallion, while approximately 50 pro-halal demonstrators, proudly displaying a communist flag, gathered on the opposite side of the street.

Despite the clear numeric advantage in our favour, the mass media still laughably tried to pretend the pro-animal sacrifice group was larger than ours. Sky News said we were ‘outnumbered’, even though their own video report clearly showed three times more people standing on our side of the street than on that of the bussed-in ‘opposition’.

'Outnumbered'? BNP supporters stand on the left-hand side of the street; the pro-halal group is on the right

South Tyneside Fundholder Martin Vaughan, who was instrumental in organising the demo, reported:

‘We handed out hundreds of leaflets, and we had 100 percent support from the public.

‘No one went into the shop when we were there, but Greggs next door was packed out.

‘After we had been there an hour, our Truth Truck turned up, music blaring. It was a proud moment for all of us.’

He also had a warning for Subway:

‘The BNP will not stop until this shop withdraws its sale of halal meat. This protest is the tip of the iceberg; there will be many more.

‘We will be having more flash protests at this store, and, when we are done there, we will move on to the next store.’

After the protest the activists went to Jarrow Shopping Centre and held a table-top leafleting session.

‘The public response was tremendous,’ said Martin. ‘They were so glad to see us back.’

The day was rounded off with a Party meeting in Hebburn, South Tyneside. Nick Griffin was present and gave a well-received speech that will soon be available on BNPtv.

‘I would especially like to thank David Orr and his team from Scotland for travelling down to support us,’ said Martin. ‘We will return the favour by supporting his team in Glasgow very soon.

‘We still have car spaces. If anyone wishes to travel to Glasgow with us, please contact me on 07944 841659.’

See more photos here.

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