Thursday, 21 June 2012

Audrey Berthaut and Alicia Champion

Two female police officers were shot dead in southern France by a Muslim gunman on Sunday.

The gendarmes, Audrey Berthaut, 35, and Alicia Champion, 29, had rushed to the village of Collobrieres after a burglary on the night of 17 June.

During an argument the perpetrator is believed to have grabbed one gendarme's pistol and killed her, before chasing after the second gendarme and killing her too.

The killer, Abdallah Boumezaar, is a 30-year-old Algerian Muslim. He was let out of jail after serving a prison sentence for drug offences and armed robbery. He was also recently convicted of serious violence against his mother, but received a suspended sentence. He has already spent nearly ten years in prison for drug trafficking, theft and violence.

But you wouldn’t know that from the British media’s reports.

The BBC merely described the killer as a ‘tall, shaven-headed man, aged 25’, whereas Sky News said he was ‘aged 30, tall, well built and with a shaved head’.

Only some foreign news sites, such as Sweden Confidential and Le Parisien, dared to mention the man’s name, which clearly identifies his race and religion, Bare Naked Islam points out. 

The description of the killer as a young ‘shaven-headed man’ gives the reader the impression that he is some sort of white neo-Nazi skinhead, rather than the Muslim scumbag he really is.

Sweden Confidential’s report continues:

‘The policewomen were responding to a call about an Arab who had robbed a purse from a female neighbour. Abdallah, who is big and tall, struck the police sergeant, stole her gun, and shot the 35-year-old mother of two with several shots to the face.

‘The second policewoman, newly married, ran to hide in a small alley, but the killer shot her to death with at least seven bullets to the back, using her own gun.  Boumezaar then fled on foot along with “one of his wives”. But the helicopter and 300 police officers managed to track him down and arrest him. He has confessed and is now awaiting sentencing.’

The brutal attack took place just a couple of days before the ‘Toulouse Siege’, in which another Muslim, Setih Boumeza, 26, took four people hostage in a seven-hour stand-off.

Boumeza, who claimed to be an Al-Qaeda militant, fired a shot in the bank before taking the manager and other staff members hostage. He tried to set fire to the building before police moved in and captured him.

Abdallah Boumezaar, with ‘one of his wives’?

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