Saturday, 2 June 2012

Not to be outdone by their Muslim brethren, ‘anti-fascists’ in Germany have been protesting against hatred and intolerance the only way they know how – by throwing stones at police, blocking off streets and setting fire to the city.

Please excuse the below report's rabid use of 'right-wing extremists'. The writer is clearly under the common misapprehension that only the 'right wing' can be extremist, regardless of who is doing the rioting.

NRK: German anti-fascist activists caused trouble on the streets of Hamburg on Saturday, following a warning about a right-wing extremist meeting.

When German right-wing extremists announced a demonstration in Hamburg, 10,000 counter demonstrators streamed out onto the streets under the banner ‘Hamburg approves of colour’. About 30 right-wing extremists had met up on Saturday morning.

In the centre of the north German city, the demonstration went peacefully. To jubilant applause, Mayor Olaf Scholz cried: ‘We stand together. We are proud to be a cosmopolitan city!’

Threw stones at the police

In Wandsbek, east Hamburg, where there were demonstrations in three places against neo-Nazis, it did not go so peacefully.

The police surrounded around 700 far-left activists and demanded the demonstration disband. The activists answered by throwing stones at the police.

10,000 against 30

The anti-fascists also set fire to rubbish bins and set up roadblocks.

The right-wing extremists’ protest was smaller than expected, with only 30 people turning up.

The police had expected 1,000.

More pictures here.

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