Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) are stalling over releasing figures that would provide a racial breakdown of all the people charged with murder in London last year.

According to a response by the MPS to my Freedom of Information (FOI) request on the matter, the Met are considering whether the information is in the ‘public interest’.

An inconvenient truth: Non-whites were charged with 67 percent of gun crime in London in 2011, despite being only 30.3 percent of the city's population. Blacks were responsible for 58 percent of those charges, despite being only 10.1 percent of the population

I made the FOI request on 30 April 2012, asking for a ‘breakdown by race of all the people charged with the crime of murder in London in 2011’.

The request was one of several I submitted on the same day pertaining to racial breakdowns of crime in London, as well as one requesting information on the ethnicity of those charged in relation to the 2011 immigrant riots.

Under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), the MPS are required to respond to FOI requests within 20 working days.

As of today, 28 June, it has been 41 working days since I made the request relating to murder charges, and the MPS now state that I will not receive a reply until 26 July (64 working days after the request), if indeed such information is deemed to be in ‘the public interest’.

The Met’s provisional response states that they are ‘considering whether the information requested is covered by one of the “qualified exemptions” (exemptions which must be tested against the public interest before deciding whether they apply to the information in question)’.

They add: ‘Where we are considering the public interest test against the application of relevant qualified exemptions, Section 17(2)(b) of the Act provides that we can extend the deadline.’

They then quote a long section of legalese waffle that you can read here if you are interested.

It is strange that the Met are stalling over this particular FOI request, considering they complied with my previous requests about racial crime in the capital, albeit three working days late.

Perhaps they are worried about repeatedly releasing statistics to the British National Party that prove such uncomfortable truths as those below.

2011 London racial crime statistics, provided by the Metropolitan Police Service (link): 

• Non-whites were charged with 71% of personal robberies in London in 2011 despite being only 30.3% of the population. Blacks were charged with 56% of personal robbery despite being only 10.1% of the population.

• Non-whites were charged with 74% of all ‘snatch’ crimes. Blacks were charged with 54%.

• Non-whites were charged with 67% of gun crime. Blacks were charged with 58%.

• Non-whites were charged with 65% of knife crime. Blacks were charged with 51%.

• Non-whites were charged with 51.9% of rapes. Blacks were charged with 40.4%.

Just how bad can the murder statistics be to warrant such a long delay? I’ll keep you posted.

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