Friday, 8 June 2012

Members of the British National Party could soon be banned from Scottish classrooms if the country’s largest teaching union gets its way.

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has tabled a motion to its AGM calling on the General Teaching Council for Scotland and the Scottish Government to ‘minimise the influence’ of the BNP, Scottish Defence League and ‘other far-right organisations’ in schools.

However, it is expected that delegates at this week’s meeting will go a step further and call for members of the profession with links to nationalist groups to be removed from the teaching register.

Currently, teachers working in Scotland’s schools do not have to declare whether they are the member of a political party or other such group.

These latest sinister developments echo those from England 18 months ago, when Education Secretary Michael Gove declared he would give headteachers the power to dismiss teachers who are members of the BNP or other groups that have an ‘extremist tenor’.

We tried finding out how the Government defined ‘extremism’, but they wouldn’t tell us

Gove’s announcement was prompted by the General Teaching Council’s decision to clear our own Adam Walker of racial and religious intolerance in June 2010, an outcome Gove referred to as ‘quite wrong’. The GTC was abolished a week later.

Speaking in November of the same year, Gove said: ‘I don't believe that membership of the BNP is compatible with being a teacher. One of the things I plan to do is to allow headteachers and governing bodies the powers and confidence to be able to dismiss teachers engaging in extremist activity.

‘I would extend that to membership of other groups which have an extremist tenor. I cannot see how membership of the British National party can co-exist with shaping young minds.’

Another of the EIS’s ‘equality’ motions at the AGM proposes to ‘campaign for anti-racist education to be a requirement in all schools’.

In other words, more lessons teaching white children to hate themselves and the BNP, like those below.

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