Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Last year I wrote an article for the BNP website about a Barnardo’s report on street grooming that whitewashed any mention of race or religion. 

The report was called Puppet on a String. It was 29 pages long and nowhere within it did it feature the words ‘Muslims’, ‘Asians’, ‘Pakistanis’ or any other description of the men who actually commit the crimes in question.

On the contrary, the only photos in the report that portrayed offenders showed them as white. One was of a white man dressed in a smart suit, following a boy up the stairs (it was part of a story about how a boy had been abused by groomers); the other was of a white man (just his hand is shown in the photo) and a dark-skinned girl as his supposed victim.

Hardly representative of reality when you consider that, according to Ceop, (Muslim) Asians are 21 times more likely to be groomers than whites are. And that figure is in relation to all grooming offences, as opposed to just street grooming, which, if the multitude of recent court cases are to be taken as evidence, is committed solely by Muslim Asians.

Role reversal: A photo from the Barnardo’s ‘Puppet on a String’ report on street grooming that shows a white perpetrator and a dark-skinned victim
Sadly, the whitewashing and disinformation about who groomers actually are is still being practised by the media.

A recent article in The Argus newspaper entitled ‘Sex gangs preying on children in Brighton and Hove’ is the latest culprit.

It warns that teenage girls in Brighton are being ‘lured from shopping centres, plied with drink and drugs and raped by gangs of sadistic older men’.

It continues: ‘Many are taken to special “party houses” in Brighton and Hove before being forced to perform sex acts against their will.

‘Other vulnerable girls, some as young as 12, are being picked up on city streets, groomed by older men and driven in cars to sex parties in London.’

The article then quotes a Gemma Doughty, who, according to The Argus, is a ‘project co-ordinator at WISE, a Sussex Central YMCA service set up in Brighton and Hove two years ago to help young victims of grooming and exploitation’.

The Argus states that Ms Doughty saw ‘ten cases last week where girls between the ages of 14 to 16 claimed to have been sexually abused by organised gangs of men in the city’.

It adds: ‘In the past year, 23 other cases in Brighton and Hove have been reported to the WISE project.’

And what does Ms Doughty say about it? ‘The guys that do this are from all ethnicities and many are from a younger age group than people might expect.’

Shame on you.

Is it any wonder that there are so many poor young girls being abused in Brighton (and so many other places) when the ‘service’ set up to help them is so blinkered by political correctness that its leader cannot even mention who the perpetrators of these crimes are (and even goes out of her way to pretend that such offences are not committed by one race of people)?

How can you warn someone to stay away from certain individuals if you don’t even dare mention who they are?

Such instances of political correctness do nothing to help combat Muslim paedophilic rape and only serve to further endanger young girls’ lives.

The British National Party will tell you what the media and these milquetoast ‘support groups’ are scared to say – look out for Muslim Asian men. They are the groomers. Stay away from them, and report any attempted grooming by them to the police.

Stay safe: be clued up about race.

Below are a few examples of typical street grooming gangs in the UK. Note the huge breadth of diversity ‘from all ethnicities’ present in these pictures:

Rochdale groomers
Manchester groomers
Telford groomers
Carlisle groomer
Derby groomers
Blackburn groomers
And that's just the 'Tip of the iceberg' according to Children's Minister Tim Loughton.

No kidding.

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