Friday, 22 June 2012

By Michael Stewart – Ah, yes - it's the usual Friday night Leftie Larks.

I've received a call from somebody allegedly from the Mirror Group pretending there's going to be a Muslim-only academy built in this area to try to provoke some sort of outraged reaction from me. 

They must honestly believe their own press that we're some kind of hate-filled, slavering loons opposed to anybody or anything that's not exactly like us.

Well, let them giggle to themselves. When I was a student, we had much more entertaining things to do on a Friday night than make prank 'phone calls.

They might as students also wish to actually educate themselves. Here's the BNP policy on faith schools:

Those of foreign ethnic descent will be given the choice of educating their children in faith or folk schools that will teach them the traditions and heritage of their ancestral cultures, or of attending classes in schools that educate them about their ancestral heritage. 

We believe that all children suffer when deprived of their right to an ancestral identity and contact with their cultural origins.

We believe that also counts for the English kids, who have never heard of Saint George or Agincourt or Hastings, and THAT is where the BNP differ from other political parties.

The BNP is NOT opposed to non-British cultures being maintained in Britain. What we object to is when somebody, usually our own appeasing politicians, tries to run down the British culture to replace it with a foreign one.

Do what you like as long as it doesn't harm, inconvenience or upset other people.

The prank-calling students might want to take a look at this BBC report before they raise the subject of Muslim-only schools in an attempt at humour. I'm sure the parents of these kids didn't find it funny when they wanted their children to be properly educated in their own ancestral culture.

And just to show what we object to with regard to the deliberate eradication of the British culture, they might want to look at this.

If people want to condemn the BNP, here's a suggestion. Do some checking before you make a fool of yourself protesting about something that isn't even the case in the first place. Don't just believe what somebody else tells you. Especially if that person is a Labour MP or a socialist lecturer who has never lived in the real world. And especially don't believe some racist drunk in a pub for reliable information about the BNP.

Go find out for yourself! If you read the manifesto and want to discuss, disagree or argue about its contents then by all means give me a ring and we can have a grown-up conversation.

If you're reading this and you genuinely believe the British National Party is anti-non-white, anti-non-Christian, anti-non-straight, anti-non-whatever but you've met me and you also know I'm not anti-any-of-the-above then ask yourself why I support them.

Is it possible that I've educated myself and come to an informed decision as to whether what our opponents say about the Party is true?

At the risk of being described as Machiavellian, can I say, ‘I hold there is no sin but ignorance.’ When tonight's prank-calling students are educated enough to tell me why that's actually quite funny, I hope then they call back and have a proper discussion. But not on a Friday night, eh, lads..? At your age, you should have better things to do…

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