Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fake baroness Sayeeda Warsi has labelled the Conservative Home Secretary’s proposals to restrict the entry of foreign spouses into the UK as ‘racist’.

What passes for a baroness these days
The positively discriminated against Baroness – who is currently being investigated for expenses fraud –  is said to have pleaded with cabinet colleagues to drop what she warned would be seen as a ‘racist’ policy when they discussed curbs on migrants’ bringing family members to live with them in Britain.

According to The Independent, the row erupted when Theresa May proposed that UK citizens earning less than £40,000 should not be allowed to bring in a foreign wife or husband.

‘Lady’ Warsi, who in affirmative action speak is known as a ‘threefer’ (she’s Asian, Muslim and a woman), warned that such a policy would amount to a ‘whites only’ entry rule, ‘with family members living in the Punjab having no chance of getting to this country’. If only.

Cabinet colleagues say she warned bluntly that such a policy would be viewed as ‘racist’
The Tory peer has a vested interest in the matter, of course, as her own father came here from the Punjab.

Warsi defied the Home Office plan after winning the backing of the traitorous Nick Clegg and his fellow anti-white Liberal Democrat ministers. The pathetic Ms May, scared of being called the R word, backed down and announced a much lower income threshold of £18,600 last week, with a further £2,200 for each child.

Warthog Warsi's office declined to comment. But one ally said: ‘Sayeeda does feel passionately about this issue.’ A Whitehall source confirmed: ‘She fought her corner very strongly. Other ministers took what she was saying very seriously.’

Under the new immigration rules, any foreign national who wants to bring a spouse to Britain will have to earn at least £18,600.

The figure rises if the couple have children – someone applying to bring in three children needs to earn £27,200.

Previously there was no minimum income requirement.

Whatever the earning threshold, such a limp-wristed ‘rule’ will clearly do nothing to stem the tide of the near-600,000 immigrants who pile into Britain every year.

Meanwhile, Warsi is facing allegations that she claimed for accommodation expenses while staying at a friend's house rent-free.

Warsi says she made an ‘appropriate payment' to her friend – Tory official Naweed Khan, who is now one of her aides – for the nights she stayed at a property in Acton, west London.

But the property's owner, GP and former Conservative donor Wafik Moustafa, denies receiving any income from either Lady Warsi or Mr Khan during the time of her stay in 2008.

At the time, she was claiming Lords subsistence of £165.50 a night.

Warsi wrote a letter of apology to David Cameron over that matter, saying she was ‘sincerely sorry’ for the embarrassment to the Government.

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