Tuesday, 26 June 2012

They’re cutting buses, road maintenance, street lighting, disability benefits, child benefits, museums, libraries and leisure centres – but there’s one thing the County Durham Council ‘chief executives’ are firmly safeguarding, their own fat pay cheques.

As you can see from the below picture from the Council’s website, the salaries for all of those earning over £100,000 a year have been frozen for 2012/2013 by the Labour-run council.

The Chief Executive of the Council, George Garlick, is the highest-paid staff member in the whole of the north of England, with a £200,000 salary. In addition, he receives £42,900 per annum in pension contributions and £823 in expenses allowances, making his total yearly payment an incredible £243,748.

There are a further 19 department heads at the Council who are paid between £76,000 and £110,000 a year, including such vital posts as Head of Social Inclusion.

According to reports in March, one of the £140,000 earners is allegedly to be fired in a cost-cutting exercise (or token sacrifice), but – surprise, surprise – that doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

The British National Party’s local council manifesto states that the Party would cap council salaries at £100,000 and cut councillors’ expenses and remuneration.

Applying this policy to County Durham Council alone would save nearly £700,000 a year, including reductions to expenses and pension contributions. A further revision of the other excessive salaries at councils would save even more (ditching the employees in the pointless ‘Equalities and Diversity’ department would spare £210,000 a year in wages for a start).

But by all means keep voting LibLabCon if you want to carry on feeding these County Durham piggies.

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