Thursday, 14 June 2012

A new poll shows that 82 percent of people want a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU – yet a spokesman for David Cameron said this week that an EU referendum is ‘not something that the British people want right now’.

Mr Cameron’s spokesman said: ‘Should there be any chance of powers going from Westminster to Brussels then that will trigger a referendum.

‘But in terms of our membership of the EU, he [Cameron] feels that is not something we should have a referendum on now. That is not something that the British people want right now.’

The comments came as market fears over the single currency deepened, with Spain’s borrowing costs rising to record levels despite this week’s agreement for an £80 billion bailout of its banks. Italian bond yields also rose.

The poll by Populus found that 49 percent of voters want a referendum now with a further 33 percent saying there should be one ‘in the next few years’.

Could the ConDems be more out of touch with real people? Only by 18 percent.

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