Monday, 11 June 2012

Now halal-free: Subway, Prince Edward Road, South Shields

A Subway store that was the focus of anti-halal demonstrations by British National Party activists has announced it will no longer sell halal meat.

The fast-food outlet on Prince Edward Road, South Shields, previously boasted in its storefront that all its meats were halal; now it displays a sign stating the branch is ‘in the process of phasing out halal products’.

That turnaround is in no small part down to local Party activists, who last October handed out anti-halal leaflets outside the shop, urging locals not to buy the barbarically slaughtered meat.

‘Last year I approached the man I believed to be the manager to ask why he was selling halal meat in a mostly white, non-Muslim area,’ recalls South Tyneside Fundholder Martin Vaughan.

‘The employee, who was white but spoke with a foreign accent, told me it was a company decision. I decided that we must stop this at once, so I got together with two of our local council candidates, Chris Thornton and Peter Foreman, and we decided to hold a protest outside the shop.

‘We made up an informational leaflet that was researched by Peter and now forms the basis of the Party’s official anti-halal slaughter leaflet.

‘During the demo we got a very positive reaction from the public. In the hour or so we were there, nobody entered the shop. It was during the schoolkids’ dinner time, and we gave out at least 500 leaflets. The kids were horrified to read about halal slaughter and they took their leaflets back to school with them.

‘It was a job well done. Not wanting to leave it at that, though, we decided to do it again a week later.’

During the second demonstration, the activists learned the true reason why halal meat was being served at the shop.

‘Out walked the real manager,’ says Martin. ‘A Muslim man who came out into the crowd, handing out cheap meal deals for the kids.

‘There were at least two police vans present the whole time with their sirens blaring.

‘Then a group of Muslims turned up from a nearby area. I think some phone calls must have been made. They were aggressive and called us racists. Our job had already been done at that point, though, so to avoid confrontation we decided to call it a day.’

More protests to come

‘I had arranged with Nick Griffin to hold another protest in July,’ says Martin, ‘but to my astonishment I recently walked past the shop to spot a notice on the door stating they will be phasing out halal.

‘As soon as I got home I called the shop for an explanation. An English member of staff said the Muslim manager no longer works there and that Subway wish to roll out a new line of pork products, including bacon sandwiches! So there you have it. Profit before Muslims. Job done.

‘But we still have work to do. We must carry on making the British public aware of this barbaric practice and cruel murder of our livestock.

‘That’s why Nick Griffin and the South Tyneside team will be holding a day of action on the 19th of July. It will focus on two fronts: the sale of halal meat, and the twisted state of democracy here in South Tyneside.’

The day will end with an evening function with a full buffet and a raffle, and hopefully a visit from the Truth Truck.

If you would like to attend, please call Martin on 07944 841659.


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