Monday, 7 May 2012

Well done to Golden Dawn, who won 6.9 percent of the vote in Greece’s national elections yesterday, giving them 21 seats in parliament.

If only we had proportional representation here. Things would be so different.

The media like to call Golden Dawn neo-Nazi, but, then again, they call us and practically anyone not rabidly in favour of immigration and multiculturalism neo-Nazi, so how can we tell if they’re telling the truth or not when they use such terms so hysterically?

In just two newspaper reports today (Daily Mail, Telegraph) Golden Dawn have been called ‘extremist’, ‘ultra-right’, ‘ultra-nationalist’, ‘far right’, ‘extreme right nationalist’ and even ‘ultra nationalist far right’.

Yet, revealingly, these ‘right wing’ papers never refer to the Greek communist parties as ‘extreme left’ or ‘ultra internationalist’.

The ultra-biased anti-British media also like to blame Golden Dawn for alleged acts of street violence (without actually providing examples), but they never tell you that the party is frequently the victim of extreme-left attacks. In 2005 their office was burnt out by Molotov cocktails, and in 2010 it was bombed, causing substantial damage.

In his victory speech, party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos criticized the ‘tyranny of the mass media’, who he said had excluded coverage of Golden Dawn prior to the elections.

He also attacked the coalition parties for their pro-bailout stance and open borders, proclaiming, ‘The resistance of Golden Dawn against the bailout dictators will continue, inside and outside the Greek parliament.

‘We will continue the battle for Greece. Free from the international speculators. For a proud and independent Greece. For Greece without the bailout slavery and the loss of our national sovereignty.

'We will struggle for a Greece that is not a social jungle because of the millions of immigrants they brought here without asking us.’

Earlier he told reporters, ‘The Europe of the nations returns, Greece is only the beginning.’

Let’s hope so.

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