Monday, 21 May 2012

'Hatred': Not wanting your country Islamified

A ‘German’ Islamist has called for the murder of members of an anti-Islamification party who sometimes display cartoons of the paedophile prophet Mohammed at their demonstrations.

The ‘taz’ newspaper reported on Monday that a Muslim from Bonn, western Germany, appeared in a video on an Islamic forum in which he encouraged ‘the killing of all activists from the Pro NRW party’.

Members of the party held a campaign event using anti-Islamification caricatures ahead of an election in Germany's state of North Rhine-Westphalia on 13 May.

In his appeal, the man urged the collection of personal information on Pro NRW members, including their home addresses and work schedules, with the goal of attacking them.

‘We take this message seriously,’ an interior ministry spokesman said, after a newspaper reported the man had broadcast messages for the ‘Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan’.

Pro NRW have for several years campaigned against the construction of mosques and have in some protests marched with cartoons of Mohammed that were initially published by a Danish newspaper in 2005, which was used an excuse for another wave of psychotic violence by Muslims. 

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