Sunday, 6 May 2012

North African immigrants arriving in Lampedusa last year
Towards the later chapters of The Camp of the Saints, shortly after France’s immigrants have risen up in bloody revolution against their white ‘oppressors’, and shortly before the hordes from Asia begin to land en masse on the shores of Europe, troupes of ‘respectable’ blacks, frightened for their lives, start doorstepping France’s middle class households, persuading the bourgeois owners to let them move in because, when ‘the others’ (i.e. the hordes) come, they will treat them much better if there is a ‘black face or two’ at the door.

The white French reluctantly assent. Being the polite and proper folk they are, they even show their new ‘guests’ around the house; they give them their beds and joke that they ‘have two bathrooms’ so ‘it won’t be any trouble’. Besides, ‘it won’t be for long’, will it? ‘For good,’ they are told in return. For good. And then the whites finally realize their world has changed forever, and it is only a short matter of time before the real influx arrives.

It has been 39 years since Jean Raspail’s prophetic book was published, and since then we have seen more and more of his fiction become fact: immigrants are pouring into Europe by the millions a year, our politicians are betraying our people to a man, anti-white racist abuse and murder is rife on our streets, and the brainwashed communists are collaborating with the invaders, blind to the fact that it will mean their own impending, and violent, demise.

The latest precursor comes from Australia, where the government has hit on a brilliant new idea to cope with an overflow of alleged ‘asylum seekers’.

Rather than shut the door to the hordes (that would be racist), they will instead pay families between $220 to $300 (£139–190) a week to ‘temporarily’ house what even the Australian media now calls a ‘flood of new arrivals’.

Slated to start next month, the scheme will open up 5,000 homes registered under the privately run Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to host asylum seekers released from detention on bridging visas.

AHN, which first approached the government with the idea in 2011, was originally established to provide short-term private home accommodation and board for international students.

Almost 1,000 detainees have been released into the community over the past two months, since the government's change of policy last year to ‘ease pressure on detention centres’.

The high cost of the Community Placement Network plan is expected to be allocated from the existing detention centre funding, which will be revealed in next week's Budget.

The AHN claimed the initial period of housing for asylum seekers would be for six weeks, but could be extended.

The Refugee Council of Australia has backed the plan, claiming it would allow more people to be released from detention and live in the community while their applications were processed.

Immigration into Australia has soared in the last five years, with recent net immigration rates as high as 325,000 a year, in a country with a population a third of the size of Britain’s.

At that rate how long will it be before the ‘asylum seeker lodger’ scheme changes from being voluntary to compulsory?

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