Tuesday, 8 May 2012

An impression of how the new Abu Bakr mosque will look

A new mosque set to be built in Middlesbrough will dominate the area, a local councillor has warned.

The existing Abu Bakr Mosque in Park Road North will be demolished and replaced with a much larger 75-ft four-storey mosque.

Residents can thank Labour councillor and planning committee chairman John Cole for their new Islamic eyesore, after his casting vote saw the £4.5m project given the go-ahead.

The committee’s vote was split five-five. Labour’s Cllr Cole used his casting vote in favour of approval.

Other councillors expressed concerns about the enlargement.

Middlesbrough Independent Councillors Association councillor Peter Cox said: ‘It is a lovely looking building but it is too big.

‘I am also concerned about the parking that is available. The provision of 26 basement car-parking spaces will not make a big difference.’

Labour councillor Garry Clark was also worried about the scale. ‘It will dominate the area,’ he added.

But dhimmi Labour councillor Steve Bloundele said: ‘The design is superb and it will be an iconic building.

‘It is the sort of thing we want in a gateway location. The Dorman Museum and a nearby church building also have domes.’

According to the Middlesbrough Gazette, one of the reasons for ‘needing’ a new building was the number of (foreign) Teesside University students now attending the mosque.

Building work could start next year.

Last October, the planning committee also granted planning consent for a major redevelopment of the Central Mosque in Southfield Road.

The five-storey development is to be built in phases and will include a range of facilities.

There would also be residential accommodation, including 14 bedrooms.

Middlesbrough currently has a total of seven mosques. With traitor Labour party councillors in office, that number is sure to rise in the future.

Remember, you get what you vote for.

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