Thursday, 17 May 2012

Children from non-white ‘minorities’ now account for more than half of the births in the USA, according to estimates of the latest US census data.

Black, Hispanic, Asian and mixed-race births accounted for 50.4 per cent of the total in the year ending in July 2011.

The US Census Bureau recorded 2.02 million babies born to non-whites in the year to July 2011, just over half of all births, compared with 37 per cent in 1990.

It officially puts white births in the minority for the first time.

The sea change has been primarily brought about by sky-high non-white immigration and the higher birth rates of racial foreigners.

In addition, sociologists believe the ongoing economic slowdown has contributed to a greater decline in birth rates among white people.

The number of white births has fallen by 11.4 per cent since 2008, compared with 3.2 per cent for non-whites.

In all, 348 of the USA’s 3,143 counties, or one in nine, have ‘minority’ populations across all age groups that total more than 50 per cent. In a sign of future US race and ethnic change, the number of counties reaching the tipping point increases to more than 690, or nearly one in four, when looking only at the population aged five and under.

Whites are set to be minority in USA by 2040 and in Britain by 2066.

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