Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another peaceful month in the world of Islam: 664 people killed and 1,235 injured.

Peaceful Muslims: they just want
to be your friends
This month’s religiously motivated killings include: bomb and grenade attacks on churches, the bombing of schools, the beheading of a British humanitarian worker, and the gunning down and bombing of children as young as three.

Homosexuals might want to take note of the young male who was hanged in Iran for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with another man, and the 16-year-old boy beaten and strangled to death in Iraq on suspicion of being homosexual.

People call the BNP homophobic for wanting to outlaw homosexual marriage and civil partnerships. But, under a BNP government, homosexuals would be under the full protection of the law, whereas under an Islamic dictatorship, such as that for which Britain is currently heading, they would be brutally executed.

So who are the real homophobes?

If you vote for anyone other than the BNP, you are voting for the mass importation of this Islamic hatred and violence into Britain.

How do you live with yourselves?

2012.04.30AfghanistanPaktika22Two 12-year-old children are sent to Allah by Religion of Peace bombers.
2012.04.30SyriaIdlib824At least eight people are blown to bits by an al-Nusra suicide bomber.
2012.04.30NigeriaJalingo1126A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates along a city street, killing at least eleven others.
2012.04.30PakistanGhari Suhbat Khan11A bomb blast at a girls' school leaves one dead.
2012.04.30PakistanKarimabad20Two Shiites riding a motorcycle are shot to death by Sunni terrorists.
2012.04.29PakistanJamrud214Lashkar-e-Islam bombers take down two bystanders at a bus stop.
2012.04.29PakistanQuetta10A 60-year-old British humanitarian worker is beheaded by Islamic radicals four months after his abduction.
2012.04.29KenyaNairobi116A suspected al-Shabaab member throws a grenade into a church during Sunday service, killing a worshipper.
2012.04.29NigeriaKano1622Sixteen Christians, including professors and doctors, are massacred by Islamists, who bomb their church service and then shoot them in the back as they try to flee.
2012.04.28AfghanistanKandahar21Two security guards are murdered in cold blood by Taliban assassins.
2012.04.27AfghanistanWardak100Ten Afghans are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2012.04.27PakistanKhairpur010At least ten people are injured when Sunni and Shia begin firing at each other.
2012.04.27SyriaDamascus1028A suicide bomber detonates across the street from a mosque, leaving a grisly scene and about ten bodies.
2012.04.27IraqAbu Garma40A Sunni mother and her four children are brutally shot to death in their own home by Shia gunmen.
2012.04.27SomaliaMogadishu42A child is among four civilians cut down by an al-Shabaab ambush.
2012.04.27SomaliaHodan310At least three die from splinter injuries when fundamentalists throw grenades into a cinema where youth are enjoying a movie.
2012.04.26AfghanistanMaidan Wardak33Three women are crushed to death in their home from a mortar round fired during a Taliban ambush.
2012.04.26IraqBaghdad914Muslim terrorists attack a gold market with grenades and guns, killing at least nine.
2012.04.26IraqHurriyah425Car bombers take down four Iraqis.
2012.04.26IsraelJerusalem03A family is attacked by Arabs yelling anti-Jewish slogans.
2012.04.26IraqGarma1018A Shahid suicide bomber murders ten Iraqis at a coffee shop.
2012.04.26SyriaErbin40Sunni terrorists reportedly shoot four members of an Alawite family to death.
2012.04.26NigeriaKaduna419A Boko Haram car bombing at a newspaper office leaves four people dead.
2012.04.26NigeriaAbuja48A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four innocents at a second newspaper office.
2012.04.25ThailandNarathiwat08A 3-year-old boy is among the casualties of a Muslim bombing.
2012.04.25AfghanistanKandahar23A terrorist in uniform shoots an American and an interpreter in the back.
2012.04.25NigeriaRiyom55Four women and a 4-year-old child are among members of a Christian village hacked to death by Fulani raiders.
2012.04.25AfghanistanBadakhshan311Religious radicals murder three local cops at a checkpoint.
2012.04.25ThailandPattani20Two middle-aged men are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Religion of Peace militants
2012.04.24PakistanLahore427Islamic militants bomb a train station, killing three bystanders, including a 9-year-old child and a 3-year-old toddler.
2012.04.24IraqMosul20A man and woman are shot to death by 'insurgents'.
2012.04.24IraqMosul22Jihadi car bombers take out two Iraqis.
2012.04.24PakistanBara Qadeem13A child dies from splinter injuries suffered from a Mujahideen grenade attack.
2012.04.24NigeriaJos19Fundamentalists bomb a bar where locals gather to watch a soccer match. One person is killed.
2012.04.24ThailandNarathiwat10A 50-year-old man is shot in the head by Islamic militants.
2012.04.24NigeriaGwa-Rim50Suspected Boko Haram attack a village and massacre five residents.
2012.04.24IndiaNadia10The caretaker of a Hindu temple is ambushed and has his throat cut by Muslim criminals.
2012.04.24NigeriaDamaturu56Islamic fundamentalists fire into a bar serving alcohol, killing five patrons.
2012.04.23SudanBentiu12A boy is killed in an air strike on a market by the Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2012.04.23SwedenLandskrona10A 19-year-old woman is stabbed to death by her younger brother for having boyfriends and wanting to live independently.
2012.04.23LebanonTyre05Fundamentalists bomb a restaurant serving alcohol.
2012.04.23IraqTikrit21Two children are machine-gunned to death in their school by Jihadis.
2012.04.23IraqBaghdad20A young girl is among two Iraqis killed by terrorists with silencers.
2012.04.23ThailandPattani10A security volunteer is slain by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2012.04.22PakistanKarachi10A Sunni is gunned down by suspected Shia.
2012.04.22PakistanAdezai40Four cousins are ambushed and murdered by machine-gun wielding Islamists.
2012.04.22UgandaKampala10A top cleric is the victim of an apparent sectarian attack.
2012.04.21IraqBaghdad312Sunni bombers take out three people near a Shiite place of worship with bombs planted on a minibus.
2012.04.21PakistanNorth Waziristan20Two grandchildren of a tribal elder are kidnapped and brutally executed by Sunni hardliners.
2012.04.21PakistanQuetta20Two religious minorities are killed for their faith by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.20Iraqal-Amiriyah24Mujahideen invade a home and shoot two residents to death.
2012.04.20IndiaSrinagar10The 'Islamic Front' assassinate a cop in broad daylight.
2012.04.20IraqBaghdad10A mosque imam is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.19IraqTaji59A Shahid suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2012.04.19IraqKirkuk419Four people die of shrapnel injuries from a Mujahid explosive.
2012.04.19PakistanShawa524A woman is among five villagers killed during a massive Taliban assault.
2012.04.19IraqRamadi810Eight Shiites are exterminated by a pair of al-Qaeda car bombers.
2012.04.19IraqMosul55Two bombs, one near a restaurant, leave five people dead.
2012.04.19IraqSamarrah109Ten Iraqis are blown to bits by three Sunni car bombs.
2012.04.19IraqFallujah77Seven Iraqis are taken down by three roadside bombs planted by the 'Islamic State of Iraq'.
2012.04.19Iraqal-Malhaa924A series of vicious Mujahideen bombings leave at least nine dead.
2012.04.19NigeriaDamaturu10A cop is gunned down outside his home by Boko Haram.
2012.04.19AfghanistanLagrai47A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Afghan souls to Allah.
2012.04.19IsraelJerusalem01An orthodox Jewish pilgrim is stabbed outside a tomb by two Arabs.
2012.04.19NigeriaKano20Boko Haram is suspected in the murder of two civilians.
2012.04.19IranMarwdasht10A young man is hanged for allegedly engaging in gay sex.
2012.04.19IraqBaghdad1149Terrorists murder at least eleven Iraqis in five separate bombings.
2012.04.19NigeriaMaiduguri50Five day laborers at a bakery are brutally shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.04.18NigeriaMaiduguri20A water vendor is among two men shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2012.04.17PakistanKarachi10A Shia school principal is assassinated by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.17AfghanistanDilaram24Taliban fundamentalists kill two Afghans with a roadside bomb.
2012.04.17AfghanistanTakhar0150One-hundred and fifty schoolgirls are poisoned by religious hardliners for seeking an education.
2012.04.17Yemenal-Bayda64An al-Qaeda suicide bomber takes out five local soldiers and a civilian.
2012.04.17SomaliaBaidoa10A security guard is murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.17PakistanAsharey10A woman is strangled by her relatives on suspicion of a sexual affair.
2012.04.17IraqBagdhad46Four civilians are disassembled by a well-placed Mujahideen bomb.
2012.04.16PakistanKhazana12A 6-year-old child is killed by a grenade thrown into a school by religious hardliners opposed to mixed education.
2012.04.16PakistanQuetta10Sunni gunmen murder a Shia civilian.
2012.04.16IraqRashidiya43Four Shiite farmers are picked off by Sunni snipers.
2012.04.16DagestanMakhachkala11Muslim car bombers take out a woman and injure her husband.
2012.04.16PakistanKorangi20Two cousins are shot to death in a targeted sectarian attack by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.16NigeriaMaiduguri20Two people are shot to death by Boko Haram extremists.
2012.04.15AfghanistanKabul1265At least a dozen civilians and police are killed during a wave of Fedayeen suicide assaults by the Taliban.
2012.04.15South SudanBentiu28A pregnant woman is among two people killed during a bombing by the Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2012.04.15IraqBaqubah40A woman and four children, ages 5 to 15, are sent to Allah by an al-Qaeda bomber.
2012.04.15PakistanSheikhupura10An 80-year-old man is assassinated after being acquitted for blasphemy.
2012.04.15IraqTaji32A Shiite family home is blown up by Sunni radicals, leaving three members dead.
2012.04.15PakistanMohmand20Tehreek-e-Taliban militants attack and kill two local cops.
2012.04.15Egyptel-Arish21Islamists machine-gun two policemen to death at an airport.
2012.04.15AfghanistanMahmud-i-Raqi40All four people riding in a police vehicle are torn apart by a Taliban bomb.
2012.04.15IraqHawija10A boy riding in a car is murdered by suspected al-Qaeda bombers.
2012.04.15YemenHadramawt30Three young children, all siblings, are disassembled by al-Qaeda explosives while on their way to school.
2012.04.15YemenLawder30A Shahid suicide bomber takes out three civilians at a checkpoint.
2012.04.15IraqKirkuk115A bomb near a university kills one.
2012.04.15South SudanBeaver Ridge Canaan714Seven civilians are killed as a result of a Sudanese bombing.
2012.04.14PakistanQuetta80Eight members of a Shia minority community are shot to death by Sunni radicals in two attacks.
2012.04.14Yemenal-Jawalah50A sudden al-Qaeda attack on a checkpoint leaves five local soldiers dead.
2012.04.14PakistanShal Kot10A man loses his life to sectarian Jihadis.
2012.04.14IraqBaiji114One person is killed by a sticky bomb attached to a vegetable cart.
2012.04.14PakistanGhaniur Rehman10An excise inspector is killed by a remote-controlled bomb.
2012.04.13IraqBaghdad26Two Shiite pilgrims are shot to death by Sunni militants.
2012.04.13PakistanBajri10A man is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.13PakistanQuetta10Sunni militants shoot a Shiite to death outside a shop.
2012.04.13AfghanistanKhanabad55Women and children are among five victims of a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.13IraqSamarra56Sunni gunmen block buses carrying Shia pilgrims and open up at point-blank range, killing five.
2012.04.12ThailandPattani30Three villagers, including a woman, are gunned down in cold blood by Muslim 'separatists'.
2012.04.12AfghanistanGarmser26A Taliban bomber takes out two teenagers and injures three other children.
2012.04.12YemenMoudia30Three tribesmen lose their live to an al-Qaeda ambush.
2012.04.12PakistanQuetta11A Shiite minority is assassinated in a Sunni drive-by outside a tea shop.
2012.04.12PakistanQuetta20Two more Shiites are shot to death by Sunnis in a second attack on the same day.
2012.04.12IraqKirkuk55'Insurgents' murder three civilians and two cops in a drive-by.
2012.04.12NigeriaMaiduguri53Boko Haram radicals shoot five traders to death at a market.
2012.04.12MacedoniaSmilkovsko50Five young Christian fishermen between the ages of 18 and 22 are brutally slaughtered by a group of radical Muslims at a lake.
2012.04.11IraqBaqubah56Five members of a Shiite family are demolished along with their own home by Sunni bombers.
2012.04.11AfghanistanDawlat Shahi11A schoolteacher is among two casualties of a Taliban roadside bomb.
2012.04.11PhilippinesCarmen316A bus bomb, linked to Muslim 'rebels', leaves three people dead and injures many children.
2012.04.11IraqMosul20Muslim militants murder two workers at a construction site.
2012.04.11MaliTimbuktu10A Christian leader is beheaded shortly after Islamic forces take control of the city.
2012.04.10AfghanistanMusa Qala85A Shahid suicide bomber takes out eight Afghans.
2012.04.10AfghanistanGuzara1423A 4-year-old girl is among fourteen innocents blown up by a Fedayeen suicide bomber wearing a burqa.
2012.04.10YemenAbar84al-Qaeda militants machine-gun eight local soldiers at point-blank range.
2012.04.10NigeriaBanki55A Boko Haram assault on a village leaves five dead.
2012.04.10PakistanSpeen Qabar70Lashkar-e-Islam tortures and kills seven former member for leaving the group.
2012.04.10PhilippinesSumisip126One person is killed by an Abu Sayyaf landmine.
2012.04.10AlgeriaKabylie12A fundamentalist roadside blast leaves a local soldier dead.
2012.04.09YemenLoder203An Ansar al-Sharia assault leaves twenty local soldiers and tribesmen dead.
2012.04.09NigeriaDikwa30A civilian and guard at a church are among three people shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.04.09PakistanQuetta62Six minority Shiites are machine-gunned by Lashkar-i-Jhangvi at close range as they are sitting outside a shop.
2012.04.09NigeriaPotiskum12A 6-year-old girl is murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2012.04.09SomaliaBaidoa1230A dozen women and children are sent to Allah by al-Shabaab bombers at a marketplace.
2012.04.08PakistanKhapiyanga20Islamic militants kill two people at a checkpost.
2012.04.08NigeriaKaduna4133A suicide car bomber detonates outside a church celebrating Easter. Nearly forty people lose their lives in the carnage.
2012.04.07PakistanKarachi10A prayer leader is murdered by sectarian rivals in a drive-by shooting.
2012.04.07IraqKhan Bani Saad30'Insurgents' kill three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2012.04.07LebanonJusiyeh721Seven Shiite pilgrims are killed by a mortar attack on their bus.
2012.04.07IraqKarrada29Two passengers on a minibus bleed to death following a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2012.04.07TurkeyBahcelievler01Radicals rush into a church and assault a pastor when he refuses to embrace Islam.
2012.04.06YemenMansoura10A civilian is killed instantly by an al-Qaeda suicide bomber.
2012.04.06AzerbaijanGanja10A police officer is killed when an Islamic militant blows himself up.
2012.04.06AfghanistanKunar21A peace envoy and his son are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.04.06DagestanKhasavyurtovsky10Suspected Islamists gun down a local cop.
2012.04.06PakistanKarachi10A 55-year-old seminary teacher is shot five times by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.05PakistanKarachi10A 22-year-old Shiite is shot to death by suspected Sunnis.
2012.04.05PhilippinesSumisip47Four people at an agriculture co-op lose their lives to an Abu Sayyaf attack.
2012.04.05PakistanKarachi414A Tehrik-e-Taliban suicide car bomber takes out four Pakistanis.
2012.04.05SomaliaMogadishu10A journalist is gunned down by suspected al-Shabaab militants.
2012.04.05AlgeriaTizi-Ouzou12Fundamentalists attack a police vehicle and kill an officer.
2012.04.05ThailandPattani11Muslim 'insurgents' fire into a car care shop, killing the owner and seriously injuring his son.
2012.04.05AfghanistanBadakhshan216A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a bazaar, killing two innocents.
2012.04.04AfghanistanMaimanah1226At least twelve people at a park are dismantled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.04SomaliaMogadishu1024A Shahid suicide bomber detonates in a theater, killing at least ten innocents.
2012.04.04IraqDhuluiyah610Five civilians are cut down by a Mujahid bombing along a city street.
2012.04.04NigeriaMaiduguri90Islamic radicals fire on Christian traders at a market, killing nine.
2012.04.04PakistanSheikhupura20Two women are honor killed by their brother-in-law for 'having suspicious characters.
2012.04.04IraqKirkuk10A 16-year-old boy is beaten and strangled on suspicion of being homosexual.
2012.04.04AfghanistanKhak Safid100Ten Afghan cops are murdered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2012.04.04PakistanJamrud67A half-dozen bus passengers are sent to Allah by Muslim bombers.
2012.04.04IraqHamdaniya43Terrorists take out four civilians with a car bomb.
2012.04.03AfghanistanWardoj311Religion of Peace militants storm a checkpoint and kill three police officers.
2012.04.03PakistanGari Bagh650At least six people die from shrapnel injuries after a sectarian grenade attack on a Sunni rally.
2012.04.03AfghanistanNahri Sarraj63Two civilians and four police are poisoned and shot by the Taliban.
2012.04.03PakistanMiranshah12Islamic militants murder a security guard with a bomb.
2012.04.03PakistanGilgit100Ten more people are killed in a sectarian clash between Sunni and Shia.
2012.04.03IraqDiwaniya10A Shiite cleric is assassinated by sectarian rivals outside his home.
2012.04.03IraqTikrit10A father of two is killed by bombers because he worked for an American-supported TV station.
2012.04.02PakistanQuetta20Sunnis barge into a shoe store and gun down two Shia.
2012.04.02AfghanistanKandahar223Taliban marketplace bombers kill two and wound two dozen others.
2012.04.02IsraelJerusalem01An elderly Jewish man in ultra-orthodox dress is assaulted by an axe-wielding Arab.
2012.04.02PakistanSadda Bazaar113A Tehreek-e-Taliban bomb explodes at a taxi stand, killing a bystander.
2012.04.02IraqDujail40Four truck drivers are kidnapped, strangled and burned by Muslim terrorists.
2012.04.02PakistanShah Wali10A woman is hacked alive by her brother-in-law for having 'loose morals'.
2012.04.02NigeriaMaiduguri10Boko Haram radicals murder a cop.
2012.04.02PakistanMohmand47Islamic militants assault a Pakistani checkpoint, killing three soldiers.
2012.04.02ThailandPattani20Two Buddhists are shot to death sitting in their pickup truck by Mujahideen.
2012.04.02PakistanQuetta20Sunnis barge into a shoe store and gun down two Shia.
2012.04.02IsraelJerusalem01An elderly Jewish man in ultra-orthodox dress is assaulted by an axe-wielding Arab.
2012.04.02PakistanSadda Bazaar113A Tehreek-e-Taliban bomb explodes at a taxi stand, killing a bystander.
2012.04.02Pakistan Mohmand47Islamic militants assault a Pakistani checkpoint, killing three soldiers.
2012.04.01YemenHadramout70Seven local troops are slaughtered by al-Qaeda.
2012.04.01NigeriaMaidaguri10A Christian is shot to death by Islamists on his way home from church.
2012.04.01AfghanistanTarin Kot20Religious radicals murder two local cops.

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