Thursday, 10 May 2012

This is what liberals call enrichment.

The Sun: MORE than 200 suspected war criminals are on the loose in the UK, shock figures revealed yesterday.

But beasts responsible for atrocities such as mass murder and rape cannot be sent back to their home countries — because of EU human rights laws.

The fugitives — many of them asylum seekers — are mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

The UK Border Agency has recommended action against 207 suspects in the past 18 months. Only 12 have been deported.

Campaigners are calling on Scotland Yard to set up a war crimes unit after the figures were released under Freedom of Information rules.

London-based pressure group Redress said more robust action is needed to stop war criminals “treating the UK as a safe haven”.

The Border Agency said it is “determined” to act. (Ha!)

Case study 1

SUSPECT Emmanuel Nteziryayo is said to have helped kill 87,000 people during the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

But he was found living on state handouts in Manchester under the nickname “Papa Alice”.

Last month the High Court blocked bids to have Nteziryayo, 54, and three fellow Hutus sent back to the African state to face prosecution.

Case study 2

TORTURER Phillip Machemedze came to Britain with his wife in 2000 and is still here.

The enforcer for Zimbabwe tyrant Robert Mugabe allegedly broke victims’ jaws with pliers.

His asylum plea was rejected but he won an appeal in May last year.

Machemedze, 48, said he faced execution in Zimbabwe for later backing Mugabe’s rivals.

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