Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nearly one in six prisoners jailed in England in the last two years is a foreign national.

Of the 209,000 lags locked up, 33,361 were from overseas, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The number has TRIPLED in the past five years from 10,067, according to figures revealed to The Sun by the Ministry of Justice in a Freedom of Information request.

Criminals from Poland top the list with 3,654, followed by Romania (2,975) and Lithuania (2,354). The figure for Poles is 36 TIMES higher than in 2004, when it was just 99.

Although Eastern European nations head the list, the majority of countries in the ‘top ten’ are third world.

The cost of keeping overseas prisoners in jail is £460 million a year. Matthew Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said last night: ‘Taxpayers will be angry at footing this bill. Thousands of these criminals should not have been in the country to commit crimes in the first place.

‘The Government must make sure they are kicked out when they finish their sentence.’

A Bill to send foreign lags back to their own country to serve their sentences was proposed in 2010. But it has still not got through Parliament.

The British National Party is the only party committed to sending foreign criminals back home to where they belong and shutting the door to any further immigration.

FOREIGN PRISONERS TOP TEN 2010/2011: Poland 3,654, Romania 2,975, Lithuania 2,354, Ireland 1,745, Nigeria 1,561, Pakistan 1,280, Vietnam 1,243, Jamaica 1,182, India 1,160, Somalia 1,076.

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