Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The North East’s GLA fundraising meeting will be held a week tomorrow on Thursday 12 April.

The redirection point is the car park of the Kelly Public House at 6.30pm, Hedgeley Rd, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, NE31 1HE.

For more information, please contact 07503 779 207.

Adam Walker and BNP mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia
The meetings we have been holding around the country have been a great success so far. The main aim of this series of events is to raise money for our fight in London, but something else is happening too.

As well as our current members and activists, we are seeing many old hands, new members and supporters attending these meetings. Wounds are being healed and there is a positive vibe in the air. So not only are these meetings helping our cause in London, they are also acting as a vehicle to bring our people together in their regions.

Marlene Guest from Rotherham, where the first white honour killing took place recently, has returned to our party having looked at alternatives. Marlene made a very emotional impromptu speech at our Yorkshire GLA fundraiser.

She said: ‘Having looked at other parties who say they are nationalists, I have come to the conclusion there is no other party to take our cause forward. The British National Party is our only hope; I am here to stay.’

We look forward to seeing you on the twelfth.

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