Saturday, 21 April 2012

The British National Party has been provided with more evidence of anti-BNP and anti-white brainwashing in today’s classrooms.

The below cuttings were given to a Year 9 secondary school class in Leeds during an RE lesson. 

One of them features a crude and stereotypical cartoon of a British National Party member with the caption ‘BNP – Striving not to be an equal opportunities employer’. (Click photos to enlarge)

Another cutting tries to blame Islamic terrorist bombings on supposed ‘discrimination’ against Muslims.

It reads:


Muslims discriminated against because of their race and religion.


People have turned to extremist Islamic groups because they feel they have no chance of success in a prejudiced British society that discriminates against their race and religion. The effect of this is that it could lead to terrorist attacks.

Another cutting tries to blame ‘prejudiced police officers’ and stop and searches for non-white crime:


Prejudiced police officers could stop and search people from ethnic minorities or religious groups when they have no real reason for doing so. They could also tamper with evidence or not treat it in the same way that they treat evidence from people against whom they are not prejudiced.


Some people have been turning (sic) crime because if they are being falsely accused and punished for crimes they have not committed, then they have nothing to lose by actually committing crime!

The 14-year-old boy who provided us with this shocking evidence said he asked his teacher why she had not mentioned anti-white racism during the class.

He was told in response, ‘White people only get attacked because they are racist.’

This latest instance of political brainwashing in our schools is another example of how our anti-white government attempts to manipulate the democratic process in this country and shame people from an early age into opposing the British National Party.

Ask your own children if they are being subjected to this propaganda in their schools, and make sure they see it for what it really is.

See previous examples of anti-BNP brainwashing in our schools here and here.

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