Monday, 2 April 2012

The Hungarian nationalist Jobbik party leader Gabor Vona accused the European Union of threatening the freedom of Hungary and colonizing the nation, at a commemoration of the 1848-49 revolution and war of independence last month.

‘If Hungary’s freedom is threatened by the EU, there is a need to fight against the EU which colonises the country and enslaves Hungarians,’ he said. 

Vona said that Jobbik demanded freedom, justice and order, which are all missing from present-day Hungary.

Addressing a crowd that filled a 100-metre section of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Avenue, Budapest, Vona called Hungary a ‘a totalitarian regime dominated by money, where we only have the right to make a choice between the right-wing liberal Fidesz and the left-wing liberal Socialists every four years’.

The Jobbik leader criticized the government for not yet passing a land law and added that the moratorium on foreigners buying land in Hungary would expire in 2014. Vona said that if in 2014, ‘foreigners put their hands on even a tiny piece of land, there will be great trouble’, according to the website

‘We will organize not a peace march but a military march,’ he added, and the crowd responded by chanting, ‘To arms.’

Deputy head of Jobbik and deputy speaker of parliament Zoltan Balczo said the party would launch its ‘spring campaign’ in and outside parliament for the protection of Hungarian land. When the moratorium expires in 2014, ‘they will want to pull out the sovereignty of Hungarians from under their feet’, Balczo warned.

Hungary will either keep its EU membership or its farmland, he added.

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