Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This might explain why our County Durham BNP group with approximately 350 members suddenly vanished a few months ago.

Facebook now in full scale political and religious censorship mode

An army of 800-1,000 low paid censors:
Facebook has an army of people in Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, and other nations to censor content on the website. According to Gawker.com, these people are paid $1 an hour plus commission. Depending on how much they delete, they can earn up to $4 an hour.
Once one of these censors deletes a group or a user account, you have no recourse. You get no reason or warning. There is no one to complain to. There is no oversight. There is no way to know if it was Moroccans, Brazilians, Mexicans, or Filipinos who decided to delete your account.
For over a month now, the “Facebook Purge” has been a major topic of conservatives online. Facebook has been aggressively mass deleting accounts and banning conservative “Facebook groups” daily. Last month, Facebook began deleting CofCC Facebook groups.
It appears that Conservatives, Fundamentalist Christians, Right to Life, and public support for George Zimmerman are the targets of the Facebook purge. Many Christians feel under attack by the Facebook censors. Since their largest censorship center is in Morocco, a Muslim nation, it is no wonder.

Libeling CofCC:
Facebook has now gone even further. Two months ago, CofCC.org was getting 250-300 visitors from Facebook a day as a result of our facebook share buttons. When Facebook deleted our thriving CofCC Facebook groups, this actually caused web traffic from Facebook to increase. We started getting 600-1,000 visitors from Facebook a day. This is because the nearly 1,000 people who had been on our two-year old main CofCC Facebook group started retaliating by sharing more CofCC posts in their Facebook status updates.
Facebook then tagged our website as “potentially” a threat for viruses. Whenever a Facebook user clicks on a link to CofCC.org within the Facebook environment, a warning message comes up to discourage the user from continuing on to our website. We believe this constitutes as libel. Once again, there is no way to file a grievance with Facebook over this. This has killed 80% of the traffic this website was getting from Facebook.

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