Saturday, 28 April 2012

The British Veterans’ Group (BVG) members’ spring 2012 newsletter is out now and in the process of being delivered around the country.

Inside the spring edition:

 Veterans Officer’s Comment
 Dedication of Standard
 BVG Protests
 Service of Remembrance
 Armed Forces Day

Join the BVG today

To be eligible to join the BVG, you must qualify in one of the following criteria:

• Qualify for the government’s veterans badge,
• Serving regular or reservist,
• Cadet force instructor with minimum 10 years’ service,
• Spouse of BVG member, or
• Bereaved family member of fallen service personnel.

As a BVG member, you will receive one free member’s pin badge and two newsletters per year. The cost of BVG membership is £12 per year and £6 per year for concessions and you do not have to be a member of the British National Party* to join.

BVG member's pin badge

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