Saturday, 14 April 2012

While the Government works hard to try to ban British National Party members from teaching, it simultaneously opens classroom doors to criminals from Europe.

Daily Mail: Migrants with criminal convictions will be allowed to apply for jobs which Britons with similar records have no hope of getting under a new regime which will be introduced this month.

Britain has signed up to a trial of the European Criminal Records Information System - a new system which will share criminal records between EU countries.

Britain's Criminal Records Bureau is so extensive that even convictions classed as 'spent' remain on file for life. But in other countries such as Belgium and Germany, records are destroyed after just three years.

Some even have laws that prevent employers being told about spent or minor convictions and in Holland, fines of under 100 euro for minor crimes are not treated as crimes at all.

But in Britain, minor convictions for silly pranks that have resulted in fines can stop people getting jobs years later especially in professions like teaching or the police service.

There is also a marked difference in sentences for crimes between a number of countries and Britain.

In Germany, someone who indecently assaults a child can be given a sentence of six months, while in the UK the defendant would get at least two years.

Nick Pickles, director of the civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, told The Daily Telegraph: 'The amount of information retained by the British police is hugely disproportionate.

'British citizens are suffering for the hysteria of policies that have done little to protect the public while other Europeans are able to get on with their lives.'

The pilot scheme began under the Labour government in 2006.

Britain has already been able to share criminal records with Belgium; the Czech Republic; France; Germany; Spain; Italy; Luxembourg; Holland; Poland and Slovakia.

The remaining states will join the scheme later this month.

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