Monday, 9 April 2012

The first poll in a campaign to decide Britain’s future with the European Union has ended in an overwhelming vote in favour of a referendum on our membership.

A total of 89.9 per cent of those voting in the local poll held by the People’s Pledge organisation wanted a national referendum, with only 10.1 per cent rejecting the idea.

Campaigners hailed the ground-breaking poll in Thurrock, Essex, as ‘historic’ and warned that MPs could no longer deny people a say on whether we should be in or out of the EU.

The cross-party People’s Pledge campaign described the results as a ‘wake-up call’ for the Westminster establishment.

In total, nearly 14,600 voted in the poll, and the turnout was higher than in recent local elections.

People’s Pledge plans several more local referendums this year and another 100 next year to intensify pressure on politicians to grant voters a choice.

The landslide result is a further indication of the increasing support for the British National Party’s policy of withdrawal from the European Union.

In March this year, a national survey found that 60 per cent of people want a referendum on the EU, such as that campaigned for by BNP MEP Nick Griffin.

If you want out of the EU, vote BNP on May 3rd.

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