Friday, 16 March 2012

We need your urgent help. We must raise £5,000 this weekend to stand our candidate for Mayor of London and in the list seats.
The British National Party has to lodge a deposit of £25,000 to stand. In return, we get a page to outline our commonsense policies to every household in London, and a place on the ballot.
We have a good chance of winning a list seat as the election is run under the Proportional Representation system. If we can secure just 5 per cent of the vote, we can win.
Our activists in London have been hard at work. This weekend they are being reinforced by teams from around the country. The Truth Truck (bought by your generous donations) has been touring London for months. There is a real excitement during this British National Party campaign.
However, we can't win it if we're not in it. We need your help to secure the delivery of our message to millions of Londoners and our place on the ballot. Just imagine how that booklet going to every household will boost our campaign and help us make an impact.
Imagine how our enemies will wail when they see that the British National Party is alive and kicking - fighting in the capital for our people and nation.
Can you help us raise the necessary £5,000? Any donation you can make toward our target this weekend will help.
Let's not surrender our capital city - donate today.

Adam Walker
National Organiser
P.S. If we raise over £5,000, we will use the money to stand candidates in the Constituency seats too. Ring 0844 809 4581 now with your most generous donation.

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