Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A quick thank you to Keith Allen for his documentary about Nick Griffin last night. Consisting almost entirely of two interviews with Nick, filmed a while ago now, it gave the BNP leader a chance to speak about issues that he is usually gagged from discussing on most other programmes.

Of course, Mr Allen was not intending to make a documentary that showed Nick or the BNP in a good light, but it seems that his overall lack of knowledge of the subjects being discussed – such as Islam – rendered him incapable of responding to any of Nick’s points. The only time he came back with any kind of rejoinders was in a voiceover recorded much later, and even those retorts were weak and stereotypical.

I have seen some commenters online praising Mr Allen for an admirable attempt at objectivity (for a liberal); unfortunately, that pretence was largely destroyed by the juvenile and very cheap-looking cartoon title sequences and Allen’s habit of calling Nick and the BNP ‘fascist’, ‘Narzi’ or ‘Islamophobic’ rather than engaging in a grown-up debate or analysis.

The thrilling revelation of this documentary seemed to be that Nick is, shockingly, just a normal guy. It never fails to surprise me how many people think he is going to be some kind of fire-breathing devil just because he has a different opinion to theirs. It shows how powerful the media-broadcasted image of the BNP is; it even brainwashes other people in the media, such as Mr Allen.

All in all, the programme’s attempt to ridicule the BNP and make its leader and adherents look stupid rather backfired as it became clear that Keith Allen really didn’t know anything about anything, especially Islam and the Koran. He may be interested to know that, under an Islamic dictatorship, such as that which our country is currently heading for, his heavy-drinking, promiscuous, profane, kuffar daughter would be at best stoned and at worst beheaded for her wanton lifestyle.

Maybe he should do a little research into such subjects in future to find out who the real bigots are. (He might want to work on his ukulele playing too.)

Anyway, to paraphrase Lily, ‘Thank you very much.’

You can watch the programme on 4od here.

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