Friday, 16 March 2012

Britain, aka the laughing stock of the world, is to be sued by a Somalian sex offender as thanks for letting him stay in our country.
Unless you actually enjoy reading this kind of story, you might want to start helping out the BNP in order to stop it, sooner rather than later.
The Express: A SOMALI sex offender who sidestepped Home Office attempts to deport him yesterday won the right to sue the Government for failing to release him quickly enough.
Bashir Barrow, 51, was originally allowed to stay in the UK after fleeing his war-torn homeland.
But instead of repaying the favour he ended up costing the country hundreds of thousands and went on the run to avoid being sent home.
Now the pervert – who once turned up to an immigration hearing so drunk it had to be abandoned – could be in line for a cash payout after the Court of Appeal gave him permission to continue a taxpayer-funded bid for compensation.
The UK Border Agency paid out £4million in compensation in 2010 for 152 cases – including many unlawful detention claims – at an average of £26,600 each.

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